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4PatientCare™ is a patient engagement solution with automatic tools that are fully configurable for each provider and each location in your practice. You decide on the message (recalls, pre-appointments, reminders, product pick-up, intelligent surveys, birthday messages, and custom notifications) and the modality (email, text, professionally recorded voice messages, and digital print-postal). 4PatientCare utilizes automatic detection of mobile devices for optimized patient interaction. Their services come with a satisfaction guarantee with both transaction and unlimited plans for every size practice.

4PatientCare Features

Today's healthcare consumer is demanding. They want the same convenience found in other industries to extend to their healthcare interactions. 4PatientCare brings the same convenience of booking online travel to patients who want to see you. No more phone tag, no busy signals, no wasted time, and no wasted opportunities. Fill your schedule with desired patients, and ensure those on the schedule show up on time and prepared for their appointment.

All 4PatientCare automated communications are triggered by your personally configured business rules. We require no staff interaction to send your pre-appointment, recall and reminder campaigns. The system fits into the way you practice, not the other way around.


4PatientCare increases practice revenue, lowers operational costs, frees valuable staff time for high-value activities, fills your schedule, and lowers no-show rates. The 4PatientCare and My Vision Express interface captures the patient experience and gives you valuable actionable feedback. Happy patients are invited to share their positive opinion on the web, increasing your online reputation.

How It Works

My Vision Express and 4PatientCare have worked hard to ensure our systems are fully integrated and work seamlessly together. Once our expert staff configures your system, interactive patient communication is automatic. This means no more exporting time consuming reports or asking your staff if they are up to date with their recalls. Our partnership with 4PatientCare does the heavy lifting and your practice gets the benefits.


4PatientCare seamlessly integrates with My Vision Express with only a basic set-up fee.

If you don't already have a 4PatientCare account, they have flexible plans for every size of practice based on number of providers or number of locations — whichever makes the most sense for you! The 4PatientCare plan comes with unlimited usage of all services, allowing your practice to design a system that truly meets all of your practice's needs.

Website: 4patientcare.com | Email: info@4patientcare.com | Toll-Free: 1-877-777-9078