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Calendar (Patient Appointments)

Patient Appointment Module

The My Vision Express Calendar module allows you to manage patient scheduling to maximize appointment availability. It provides you with a quick and complete overview of appointments, enabling you to view appointments by doctor, day, week, month, or location. It also lets you create and print schedules for in-house doctors.


  • View schedules by location, doctor, day, week, or month.
  • Search for doctor availability based on date and service and/or duration across locations.
  • Filter appointments by location and doctor.
  • Appointments are color-coded by service.
  • Supports appointments of any time increment. Schedule appointments of any duration.
  • Easily navigate to different dates using a calendar bar.
  • Click and drag appointments to reschedule them.
  • Right-click on appointments to quickly open, print, adjust their status or service, or delete them.
  • Patient Dialog allows you to enter new patients or review existing patient information on the fly.
  • Block any time interval for any doctor.
  • Schedule recurring appointments. An icon enables you to distinguish them at a glance.
  • A status bar to the left of each appointment indicates if the patient is a show, no-show, or a walk-in.
  • Staff have the ability to track shows, no-shows, and walk-ins.
  • Your practice can track appointment status changes.
  • Save time by using automatic pre-appointments.
  • Overbook appointment time slots.
  • Create a "To Do" list in the Notes section to remind you or your staff of things to do for the day.
  • Access to patient appointment history and order balances.
  • View the patient's appointment history as you schedule new appointments.
  • Get insurance authorizations, check eligibility, and view the plan summary.
  • Have access to family members.
  • Print detailed calendar reports based on services, recall reasons, and physician or patient demographics.
  • Check the doctor's' availability.
  • Create and print schedules for in-house doctors.
  • Mail-merge appointment data into labels as well as custom letters and email messages.
  • Integrates with 4PatientCare™ for online appointment scheduling and reminders.
  • Integrates with The Appointment Book (TAB) from Luxottica®.

The Calendar module is integrated with the Patient Communications module in My Vision Express.