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The Commissions module in My Vision Express automatically calculates commissions on products that your practice or optical retail sells. You are able to specify different employee commission types and to base those commissions on orders, product types, or specific products.

Once the commission structures have been specified, you can assign them to individual employees, inventory items, and inventory item types. You can also easily view a report of the commissions earned by your employees using our Reports Portal feature.


  • Specify commissions as a Set Amount or Gross.
  • Percentage or Margin Percentage including Sales Performance Incentive Funding Formulas ("spiffs").
  • Set up commissions at inventory type, individual product, and employee record levels.
  • Create commonly used commission criteria and then later associate them with an employee record, product type, or specific products.
  • Easily change commission rate for items linked to commission structure.
  • Commission amounts can be viewed when orders are created.