Credit Card Processing Interface

What is the Credit Card Processing Interface?
My Vision Express Credit Card Processing Interface allows you to process credit and debit cards through the XCharge® processing solution. XCharge, developed by Accelerated Payment Technologies™, is software that provides merchants with a fast and secure payment-processing platform that can be used on any Microsoft Windows-compatible personal computer. This solution saves time and money, eliminating double entry and the need for separate phone lines or internet connections.

How does it work?
When creating an order, you can simply collect a card payment by swiping the card and XCharge takes care of the rest. Our integration will allow you to quickly and easily authorize and perform electronic draft capture for all major credit and debit cards.

  • Directly process credit card and debit card transactions through X-Charge
  • Swipe credit card in My Vision Express payments detail screen
  • Process a single payment for multiple orders
  • Comprehensive credit card transaction reports
  • Interfaces with Bar Code Reader, Receipt Printer and Cash Drawer
  • PA-DSS-validated, PCI Compliant solution

What are the costs involved?
The Credit Card Processing Interface is a standard feature on My Vision Express therefore there is no extra charge for the software.  However you will require hardware to process credit card payments (cash drawer, credit card swiping machine and receipt printer) and you will need to establish a merchant account with XCharge. To find out more or sign up for credit card processing, please contact an XCharge Specialist at Accelerated Payment Technologies.

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