Customizer allows you to modify the format for screen, report, receipt, statement, lab copy, prescription and label layouts in the program to suit your business needs.

Customize Any Screen

Customize Reports

Statement After Customization

Statement Before Customization

  • Customize screen layouts by highlighting fields, moving them around, hiding them, etc.
  • Modify patient receipt, lab copy, Rx printouts by adding, deleting or shifting fields
  • Modify any frame barcode/patient label by adding, deleting or shifting fields
  • Create customizations to print postcards
  • Change existing report layout by adding, deleting, aggregating or grouping fields
  • Create your own custom reports from existing ones
  • Unlimited customizations can be created for each printout or screen
  • Each user group can have its own default customized layout for printouts and screens
  • Share customizations with other My Vision Express users