Daily Closing

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Daily Closing

Effectively manage accounting and transaction security by using the Daily Closing feature of My Vision Express Daily Closing.

Daily Closing will lock charges and payments so that they can only be modified by your practice administrators. If any items should remain outstanding for previous dates, you and your staff are reminded to close them the next time you log into My Vision Express.

Daily Closing is one of the multiple means of loss prevention built-in to My Vision Express.


  • Prevent past charges and payments from being deleted.
  • Specify amounts counted by payment method.
  • Reconcile your registers.
  • Record variances by payment method.
  • Close once or multiple times per day as required.
  • Close individual registers (workstations) or all registers at once.
  • Enter media counts for cash.
  • Get reminders to close outstanding items from previous dates.
  • Print bank deposit slips.