Diagnostic Equipment Interfaces

My Vision Express integrates with over 200 vision diagnostic instruments and dispensing devices, and is constantly developing new interfaces for additional ones. Integrate your equipment with our software to maximize your investment in technology.

  • Streamline and optimize pre-testing to improve patient experience
  • Work more efficiently to reduce wait time and deal with a higher patient load
  • Eliminate manual data-entry to avoid costly mistakes and reduce labor costs
  • Easily access equipment results that are indexed by patient, category and date
  • View a comprehensive history of results to monitor the progression of patient conditions.
  • Import readings from autolensometers, autorefractors/keratometers, corneal topographers, digital phoropters, NCTs, pachymeters, dispensing devices, etc.
  • Import images from fundus cameras, corneal topographers, OCTs, visual field analyzers, IOL master, wavefront analyzers, ultrasounds, etc.

The My Vision Express Exam module interfaces with a variety of examination equipment, helping to reduce errors while eliminating the need for double data-entry. We are a certified Marco partner and all of the equipment is integrated with Marco Connect Software. All equipment interfaces require Windows 7 or above. Apple computers are not compatible with equipment interface.

(BOTH) Supported on both My Vision Express Cloud and Client Server versions.

(C/S) Supported on My Vision Express Client Server version only.

Company & Integration Notes Equipment


US customers only.

All of the equipment is integrated with Marco Connect Software.

The equipment listed in bold in the “Equipment” column is required for the My Vision Express equipment integration.

The equipment listed with an asterisk (*) will interface with My Vision Express without a Marco digital refraction system.

(A/K) Autorefractor/Keratometer.

(AKT) Autorefractor/Keratometer/Non-Contact Tonometer.

In order to interface the RT-1200 the device must be greater than or equal to version 1.05.

RT-1200, RT-2100(BOTH) (TRS-2100 or EPIC 2100), RT-3100(BOTH), RT-5100(BOTH) (EPIC 5100), or RT-900(BOTH)(Evolution) and one or a combination of the following:

  • LM-500 Lensmeter (BOTH)
  • LM-600 Lensmeter (BOTH)
  • LM-1000 Lensmeter (BOTH)*
  • LM-1200 Lensmeter (BOTH)*
  • LM-1800 Lensmeter (BOTH)
  • Spectrum (VL-3000) Lensmeter (BOTH)
  • AR-20 Autorefractor (BOTH)
  • ARK-30 (A/K) (BOTH)*
  • ARK-500A (A/K) (BOTH)*
  • ARK 510A (A/K) (BOTH)*
  • ARK-530A (A/K) (BOTH)*
  • ARK-560A (A/K) (BOTH)*
  • ARK-700A (A/K) (BOTH)*
  • ARK-730A (A/K) (BOTH)*
  • ARK-760A (A/K) (BOTH)*
  • ARK-1 (A/K) (BOTH)*
  • ARK-1a (A/K) (BOTH)*
  • ARK-1s (A/K) (BOTH)*
  • OPD Scan (ARK-10000) (A/K) (BOTH)
  • OPD Scan II (ARK-10000) (A/K) (BOTH)
  • OPD Scan III (ARK-10000) (A/K) (BOTH)
  • RKT-7700 (M3) (AKT) (BOTH)*
  • Tonoref-2 (AKT) (BOTH)*
  • NT-500 Tonometer (BOTH)
  • NT-2000 Tonometer (BOTH)
  • NT-530P Tonometer (BOTH)

Carl Zeiss Meditec

In order to interface with the HFA-Net Pro software the HFA II-i device Operating System version must be greater than 4.2 (Please check with your Zeiss Representative or check your user manual to check the version number).


  • HFA-Net Pro (Use on HFA II-i Series) (C/S)
  • FORUM 2.5, 2.6, 3.2 (C/S)


  • HARK-599 Autorefractor/Keratometer (BOTH)
  • LA-350 and LA-360 (Humphrey) Lens Analyzer (BOTH)
  • Humphrey FDT 710 (C/S)
  • Humphrey Matrix 800 (C/S)

Carl Zeiss Vision

  • iTerminal (BOTH)
  • iTerminal2 (BOTH)
  • iProfiler – Currently using iScription software only (BOTH)


The KR-8000PA is integrated Directly or through Topcon Color Mapping Software.

The equipment listed in bold in the “Equipment” column is required for the My Vision Express equipment integration.

The equipment listed with an asterisk (*) will interface with My Vision Express without a Topcon digital refraction system.

(A/K) Autorefractor/Keratometer

(AKTP) Autorefractor/Keratometer/Tonometer/Pachymeter

(IN/OUT) Device works in bi-directional mode.

  • IMAGEnet 2000 & IMAGEnet Lite (C/S)
  • Synergy (C/S)

CV-5000 Digital Refractor (IN/OUT)(BOTH), CV-5000S Digital Refractor (IN/OUT)(BOTH), CV-3000 Digital Refractor (BOTH), or CV-2500 Digital Refractor (BOTH) and one or a combination of the following:

  • CL-100 Lensmeter(BOTH)*
  • CL-200 Lensmeter(BOTH)*
  • CL-300 Lensmeter(BOTH)*
  • EZ-200 Lensmeter(BOTH)*
  • CT-80 Tonometer(BOTH)*
  • CT-1 Tonometer(BOTH) – Non US*
  • CT-1P Tonometer/Pachymeter(BOTH) – Non US*
  • KR-7000 (A/K)*
  • KR-7000P (A/K)*
  • KR-8000 (A/K)(BOTH)*
  • KR-8000PA (A/K)(BOTH)*
  • KR-8800 (A/K)(BOTH)*
  • KR-8900 (A/K)(BOTH)*
  • KR-1 (A/K)(BOTH)*
  • KR-1W (A/K)WEB)*
  • KR-800 (A/K)(BOTH)*
  • RM-7000 Autorefractor(BOTH)*
  • RM-8000 Autorefractor(BOTH)*
  • RM-8800 Autorefractor(BOTH)*
  • RM-8900 Autorefractor(BOTH)*
  • RM-1 Autorefractor(BOTH)*
  • RM-800 Autorefractor(BOTH)*
  • TRK-1P (AKTP)(BOTH)*


  • RT-7000 DataTransfer Software (BOTH)
  • TMS-4 Software (C/S)


  • TL-900 (BOTH)
  • TL-2000 (BOTH)
  • TL-2000A (BOTH)
  • TL-2000C (BOTH)
  • TL-3000 (BOTH)
  • TL-3000A (BOTH)
  • TL-3000B (BOTH)
  • TL-3000C (BOTH)
  • TL-5000 (BOTH)
  • TR-1000 (BOTH)
  • TR-3000 (BOTH)
  • TR-4000 (BOTH)
  • RC-1000 (BOTH)
  • RC-3000 (BOTH)
  • RC-4000 (BOTH)
  • RC-5000 (BOTH)


The equipment listed with an asterisk (*) will be a interface with HAAG-STREIT Eye Suite

The equipment listed with an asterisk (**) will need the EyeLink software to interface, please contact Haag-Streit.


  • EyeCap (C/S)**


  • Octopus 123 (C/S)*
  • Octopus 300 Basic (C/S)*
  • Octopus 300 Pro (C/S)*
  • Octopus 301 (C/S)*
  • Octopus 311 (C/S)*
  • Octopus 900 (C/S)*


DVS System 8.9 supports the following camera inputs:

Topcon TRC-NW100
Topcon TRC-NW200
Topcon TRC-NW300
Topcon TRC-NW6S w/ Nikon D100
Topcon TRC-NW6S w/ Nikon D200
Topcon TRC-NW6S w/ Nikon  D300
Topcon TRC-NW8 w/ Nikon D80
CR-1 Mark II
DVS also supports almost any USB or Firewire digital camera attached to a slit lamp that can transfer a .jpg image to a folder on the computer’s hard drive.

  • DVS System 7.0 (C/S)
  • DVS System 8.9 (C/S)


Integration with Oculus Software. The Oculus software will only run in a 32-bit Windows Operating System.

Oculus Software must be controlling device for integration to be compatible.

  • Keratograph (C/S)
  • Twinfield (C/S)
  • Centerfield (C/S)
  • Synoptometer (C/S)
  • Anomaloscope (C/S)
  • Binoptometer (C/S)
  • Binoptometer 3 (C/S)
  • Mesotest (C/S)
  • ImageCam (C/S)
  • Easyfield (C/S)
  • EasyGraph (C/S)
  • Pentacam (C/S)
  • C-Quant (C/S)
  • PeriVision (C/S)



  • EyeRes 2000 (C/S)

Topcon – EyeRoute

EyeRoute is a Web-based image management solution; images can be accessed from a single web-based user interface. The software is fully HIPAA compliant and meets the highest network security requirements with high-end firewall protection.


All this device in this section supported under (C/S).

Images will only be available for the following equipment:

  • Accutome A-scan
  • Bausch & Lomb Orbscan
  • Clarity RetCam
  • COAS HD Wavefront Analyzer
  • Digital Healthcare Oculab
  • Escalon/MRP Ophthalvision
  • Heidelberg HRA2
  • Heidelberg HRTII, HRT3
  • I3 Ultrasound
  • Nidek MP1
  • Nidek Confoal
  • Nidek 3DX
  • Nidek NonMyd
  • Oculus Easyfield
  • OIS Winstation
  • Optikon Keratron
  • Optos Optomap
  • OTI Ultrasound
  • Quantel Ultrasound
  • Sonomed Ultrasound
  • Talia RTA
  • Topcon ImageNet
  • Veris ERG
  • Visx WaveScan
  • Eximer Laser
  • Zeiss Stratus OCTIII


All Digital Refractors require CDRMate or HDRMate Software for integration.

The equipment listed in bold in the “Equipment” column is required for the My Vision Express equipment integration..

The equipment listed with an asterisk (*) will interface with My Vision Express without a Huvitz digital refraction system.

CDR-3100 Digital Refractor(BOTH), or HDR-7000 Digital Refractor(BOTH), and one or a combination of the following:

  • MRK-3100P Autorefractor/Keratometer(BOTH)*
  • HRK-7000 Autorefractor/Keratometer(BOTH)*
  • HRK-7000A Autorefractor/Keratometer(BOTH)*
  • HRK-8000A Autorefractor/Keratometer(BOTH)*
  • CLM-3000P Autolensmeter(BOTH)*
  • CLM-3100P Autolensmeter(BOTH)*
  • CLM-4000 Autolensmeter(BOTH)*
  • HLM-7000 Autolensmeter(BOTH)*

Kowa Optimed

The following equipment/cameras are supported with Kowa VK-2:

  • Nonmyd Alpha-D (2Mega USB)
  • Nonmyd Alpha-D (5Mega IEEE1394)
  • Nonmyd Alpha-D (8Mega USB)
  • Nonmyd7 (uses a variety of Nikon camera backs)
  • V-10 and VX-10i can use the following cameras: Nikon camera back, KD-211 (2 megapixel single CCD), KD-630 (3CCD, each 2 megapixel), KD144i (for ICG; use only on VX-10i)
  • AP26C (digital slit lamp system, uses IEEE1394 “a” or “b” digital video cameras)
  • Genesis-D, Genesis-Df
  • SL-15

  • Kowa VK-2 Digital Imaging System, compatible with version and above (See Additional Information) (C/S)


  • KT-800 (Non-Contact Tonometer) (BOTH)




  • EyeScape Software (C/S)

Heidelberg Engineering


  • HRT 2 (C/S)
  • HRT 3 (C/S)
  • SPECTRALIS – All Models (C/S)


(LAN) Device can be interface using a Local Area Network.


  • K-1 (BOTH)
  • R-10 (BOTH)
  • R-20 (BOTH)
  • R-22 (BOTH)
  • R-F10 (BOTH)
  • RK-1 (BOTH)
  • RK-2 (BOTH)
  • RK-3 (BOTH)
  • RK-5 (BOTH)
  • RK-F1 (BOTH)
  • RK-F2 (LAN)(BOTH)
  • TX-F (BOTH)
  • TX-20 (BOTH)



  • Speedy-1 (BOTH)
  • NL-2 (BOTH)
  • NL-30 (BOTH)
  • NRK-8000 (BOTH)
  • NR-5500 (BOTH)

Right Medical


  • Speedy-K (BOTH)
  • Remote Vision (BOTH)

Reichert Opthalmic Instruments

The equipment listed with an asterisk (*) will be a interface with Reichert Capture software.

  • (BOTH)*
  • 7CR (BOTH)*
  • AT-550 (BOTH)
  • AT-555 (BOTH)*
  • PT-100 (BOTH)*
  • Xpert NCT (BOTH)
  • Xpert NCT Plus (BOTH)
  • RK600 (BOTH)*
  • RK700 (BOTH)*
  • AL200 (BOTH)*
  • AL500 (BOTH)*
  • AL700 (BOTH)*
  • Auto Phoropter RS (BOTH)*
  • iPac (BOTH)*



  • Visioffice (C/S)
  • m’eyeFit (BOTH)


(LAN) Device can be interface using a Local Area Network.


  • Navis-EX (C/S)


  • ARK-10000 Autorefractor/Keratometer (BOTH)
  • ARK-510A Autorefractor/Keratometer (BOTH)
  • ARK-530A Autorefractor/Keratometer (BOTH)
  • ARK-560A Autorefractor/Keratometer (BOTH)
  • ARK-700A Autorefractor/Keratometer (BOTH)
  • ARK-730A Autorefractor/Keratometer (BOTH)
  • ARK-760A Autorefractor/Keratometer (BOTH)
  • RKT-7700(M3) Autorefractor/Keratometer/Tonometer (BOTH)
  • TonoRef II Autorefractor/Keratometer (BOTH)
  • OPD-Scan II Autorefractor/Keratometer (BOTH)
  • OPD-Scan III Autorefractor/Keratometer (BOTH)
  • ARK-1/a/s/e Autorefractor/Keratometer (BOTH)(LAN)
  • NT-500 Tonometer (BOTH)
  • NT-510 Tonometer (BOTH)
  • NT-530 Tonometer (BOTH)
  • NT-530P Tonometer (BOTH)
  • LM-500 Lensmeter (BOTH)
  • LM-600/P/PD (BOTH)
  • LM-1000 Lensmeter (BOTH)
  • LM-1200 Lensmeter (BOTH)
  • LM-1800/P/PD Lensmeter (BOTH)
  • RT-900 Phoropter (BOTH)
  • RT-1200 Phoropter (BOTH)
  • RT-2100 Phoropter (BOTH)
  • RT-3100 Phoropter (BOTH)
  • RT-5100 Phoropter (BOTH)



  • LUMA (C/S)


  • GRK-7000 (BOTH)

Veatch Ophthalmic Instruments

ReSeeVit Evolution requires purchase of the MVE DICOM Solution.

  • ReSeeVit Evolution (C/S)


  • ACCUREF-K 9001 (BOTH)
  • ACCUREF-K 9003D (BOTH)
  • ACCUREF-K 900 (BOTH)
  • ACCUREF-K 8001 (BOTH)
  • NVISION-K 5001 (BOTH)
  • ACCUREF-R 800 (BOTH)
  • SLM-4000 (BOTH)
  • SLM-5000 (BOTH)
  • SLM-6000 (BOTH)


  • Wave Lens Pro (BOTH)
  • L78-ARK (BOTH)


  • BARK 80 Autorefractor (BOTH)


  • Optikam (BOTH)

Eli Ezer

  • ERK-7800 Autorefractor (BOTH)


  • PRK-5000 Autorefractor/Keratometer (BOTH)
  • PRK-6000 Autorefractor/Keratometer (BOTH)

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