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4PatientCare is a voice enabled service that offers recalls, appointment scheduling, reminders, and confirmations without office intervention. Online appointment scheduling is also available.This interface integrates My Vision Express to the 4PatientCare System. All appointments booked through My Vision Express Calendar will also be also part of your voice system. My Vision Express generates a file containing all of your appointments (for any duration that is accepted by 4PatientCare) that can be uploaded to your 4PatientCare account. This way your voice system will confirm all of the appointments booked through My Vision Express. My Vision Express takes full advantage of all the 4PatientCare services. My Vision Express can automatically generate Patient List, Recall List, Appointment Reminder List and Order Notification List that gets sent to 4PatientCare for processing. For more information, click here.

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Arch Crown

Arch Crown is a labels manufacturer that  offers a complete line of price tags, promotional tags, labels and custom printed products. Arch Crown also specializes in bar code products including printers, scanners, software and a complete range of barcode labels. Although barcode labels can be printed on labels of most sizes the Arch Crown Tags & Labels Interface offers.The Arch Crown interface is a standard feature on My Vision Express therefore there is no extra charge involved; however you will  have to buy the hardware required to print out the arch crown labels. For more information, click here.

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CC Systems Lab Management (Labzilla)

CC Systems Lab management Labzilla computer software for surfacing, finishing, coating labs, and integrated retailers, servicing over 870 labs worldwide – more than any other LMS provider. Experienced technical support staff of 20 with over 300 years of in-house optical lab management experience. Lens fabrication; machine interfaces to every manufacturer; automatic pricing and invoicing; built-in Accounts Receivables for statements, credit, package and discounts options; pre-loaded lens databases for calculation and bar-coded inventory control containing over 500,000 lenses and updated automatically every two weeks; remote Internet ordering, tracing and job checking; Eyefinity, Vision Web, and My Vision Express interfaces; flexible management reports; and inventory control for ordering, receiving and physical counts. For more information, click here.

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Credit Card Processing Interface (X-Charge)

My Vision Express Credit Card Processing Interface allows you to process credit and debit cards through the X-Charge Merchant services. This will save you time by eliminating double-data entry. X-Charge is a credit card processing software that provides merchants with a fast and secure payment-processing platform that can be used by any Microsoft Windows compatible personal computer. When creating an order you can simply collect a payment by swiping the card and we will take care of the rest. Our integration will allow you to authorize and perform electronic draft capture for all major credit and debit cards. For more information, click here.

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DataHEALTH is a worry-free online automatic data backup solution that has been providing peace of mind since 2000. DataHEALTH is an automated, highly secure, online data backup solution for business. Your files will be safely transmitted and stored off-site in an encrypted format at a secure, class A data center on state-of-the-art, fully redundant storage equipment. DataHEALTH eliminates the risk of manual backups, faulty tapes or drives, improper tape storage, human error, and catastrophes such as fire and storm damage. All Insight Software customers can evaluate the service with a 30-day no obligation free trial.

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Demandforce integrates with My Vision Express to bring the premier marketing and communication solution to the eye care industry. The integration will help streamline office efficiency, build the practice’s online reputation, and reduce patient no-shows by Demandforce’s proven three step formula: Attract, Retain, and Measure. This interface integrates My Vision Express to the Demandforce service. This integration allows you to send automatic appointment reminders via e-mail and text messages, and more importantly, the ability to upload all the demographic, scheduling and transactions data for all of your patients to the DemandForce server. With all this valuable data in the Demandforce server, My Vision Express users are able to design marketing strategies based upon patient demographic data and historical data of which marketing campaigns worked best. For more information, click here.

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Eyefinity, in conjunction with industry-leading partners, provides e-commerce, marketing and business management solutions to the private practice eyecare community. Through the services at, private practice eyecare professionals can order products and lab materials, process online insurance claims, and improve practice management and marketing. Eyefinity serves more than 27,000 private eyecare practices and 320 labs while working with the industry’s leading manufacturers and service providers.With My Vision Express you can request member eligibility/authorizations. My Vision Express automatically calculates dispensing fees, lab chargeback’s, insurance and patient responsibility. My Vision Express comes packaged with the VSP lens list, lens treatments. For more information, click here.

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Eyemaginations software solutions and design services is used by Medical professionals, educational institutions, and healthcare manufacturers to educate and entertain patients, staff, and consumers around the world.  Eyemaginations focus on helping to facilitate the conversations that occur thousands of times each day among doctors, patients, and family members. Their goal is to help the healthcare community simplify complex topics. These topics might range from disease summaries to treatment options to post-op instructions. Regardless of the medical specialty, Eyemaginations knows one thing is clear. Better patient education leads to better patient experiences.

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FRAMESdata is a frame inventory add-on that will allow you keep up with the latest styles and pricing changes in the industry. FRAMESdata has multiple products but My Vision Express only integrates with their SPEX UPC CD. The SPEX UPC CD is published monthly and it contains 50,000 frames with the latest pricing, UPC bar code information and all the available colors and sizes.The integration will allow you to import frame information into inventory. Once the CD is loaded into My Vision Express, the data can be accessed from any computer with My Vision Express. This will save you from manually entering your frame inventory and it will also help you keep up with the latest styles and pricing. For more information, click here.

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Gateway EDI

My Vision Express Electronic Claim interface allows you to generate Electronic Claim files. You will be able to pick from any of the two formats offered ANSI 837 and Print Image. They are both accepted by insurance clearinghouses such as Gateway EDI, VisionWeb, Availity.

This interface will facilitate your billing process by creating paperless claims. After creating a claim using the insurance module you can create an electronic file by simply clicking a button. You can create individual or batch files. All you will need to do after the claims file is created is uploaded to your clearinghouse for processing. For more information, click here.

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GatewayPN (The EDGE™)

GatewayPN / The EDGE™ / VHR Advisor logoThe EDGE™ is a unique business philosophy that provides web based information in the form of graphics, charts and visuals. We also provide you with the answers to the most important questions as it goes beyond the results and gives you the knowledge to impact your business in just minutes a week. Included are one-on-one private consultations, business webinars, best practices, and business resources. Get The EDGE™ you need today! For more information, click here.

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ScanOCR® (Optical Character Recognition) allows you to fully automate document information capture, improving speed and accuracy in processing and preventing unnecessary errors. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) doesn’t image information like text, but “reads” it and provides editable text to other computer applications automatically. The data can be used to auto-populate fields in CRM (Customer Relationship Management), PM (Practice Management), and other Document Management software from any other vendor. For more information, click here.

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The Marco EMR Certification Program assures doctors and their practices that Marco products will integrate with Marco Certified EMR Partners, and that they will continue to do so as technology changes. For more than forty years, Marco has been a leader in offering eye-care professionals the very finest in a complete range of traditional vision diagnostic equipment. From Lensmeters, Refractors and Keratometers to Chairs & Stands, Chart Projectors and Slit Lamps, Marco classical products redefine the state-of-art in their product categories. They are designed to make your practice more efficient and more effective while making the day-to-day work of both practitioner and staff simpler and easier. For more information, click here.

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NewCrop LLC supplies electronic prescribing and data services to electronic medical records, registries and other medical applications. NewCrop is a Surescripts® Gold Solution Provider with access to prescription benefits, history and routing. In addition, they provide comprehensive drug content from First Data Bank in a seamless data envelope. Electronic prescribing is rapidly becoming an expected component of medical information systems. As the interfaces with managed care and pharmacies develop, electronic prescribing will be a competitive requirement. NewCrop is currently providing a wide variety of applications with all or part of our capabilities. (EMR’s, PMS’, networks, IPA, RHIO’s, etc.)

NewCrop can save you the effort and expense needed to develop an in-house prescribing system. We can provide a complete click-through system, a back-end interface, drug interaction information,or anything in between. NewCrop also provides contract development services. For more information, click here.

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Ocuco Innovations

Ocuco is the maker of the Innovations Lab Software which automates prescription lens processing by providing a powerful set of functions designed to manage the process and business of lens manufacturing. Ocuco, the second largest optical retail software company in the world, continues to expand globally, with offices in the UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, Italy, France, Spain and Australia. Ocuco’s global products are the Acuitas Practice Management System (PMS), and the Innovations Lab Management System (LMS). Based on an Oracle database, Ocuco was the first to introduce a truly scalable Enterprise system to the market. For more information, click here.

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For more than 110 years, OCULUS has been a partner for eyecare professionals around the world. OCULUS provides support for the challenging daily tasks this group of specialists encounters by developing sophisticated technology-based instruments of the highest quality and by providing them excellent in-serve training on their efficient operation.
The demanding expectations of our customers are in focus of every OCULUS undertaking and the satisfaction of these demands is the goal for individual instrument development projects. For more information, click here.

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Opti-Port CLX – The Best Way to Effectively Order and Manage Your Contact Lens Business! Opti-Port’s CLX is a web based portal that gives you the tools to better manage your contact lens business. CLX Office focuses on your in-office contact lens processes, while CLX Patient allows your patients to re-order online from your website. These services can help you efficiently and accurately manage your business, improve patient service levels and track key performance metrics. For more information, click here.

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Optivision Lab Management

Optivision® offers the most user-friendly, feature rich & affordable full Windows® Lab Software… anywhere. Freeform, digital & conventional surfacing, edging, AR coating, remote tracing & Rx order entry – for three decades, Optivision has provided custom solutions for any size wholesale or retail surfacing & edging labs and optical shops. Fast & very easy one-page order entry, automated pricing & invoicing, integrated accounting for monthly statements, management reports, inventory management, online job status, simple remote Rx order entry, Eyefinity, VisionWeb, My Vision Express, AcuityLogic & other integrations, and much more. For more information, click here.

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Vision Web

VisionWeb is the leading provider of software and technology solutions to the optical industry. With VisionWeb’s services, eye care providers can order ophthalmic products to hundreds of suppliers and process insurance transactions with hundreds of payers in one convenient location.

My Vision Express integrates with VisionWeb to allow customers to place spectacle lens orders to hundreds of suppliers, from within the My Vision Express system. My Vision Express is also compatible with VisionWeb’s insurance transaction processing service for submitting electronic claims. For more information, click here.

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This interface integrates My Vision Express to the Websystem3 service. All appointments booked through My Vision Express Calendar will be synchronized with Websystem3, saving your office’s time by avoiding double entry of data. My Vision Express generates a file containing all of your appointments (for any duration that is accepted by Websystem3) that can be uploaded to your Websystem3 account.Currently, My Vision Express only integrates with the appointments aspect of Websystem3. For more information, click here.

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In Medical technology the Carl Zeiss Meditec Group is one of the world’s leading suppliers of complete ophthalmic systems including IOLs and disposables and of optical and digital visualization systems for Neuro- and ENT (ear, nose and throat) surgery.

Carl Zeiss Meditec concentrates on diseases with a high social and economic impact and provides technologies and application-focused solutions that enable clinicians to improve and extend the quality of life for their patients. For more information, click here.

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