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My Vision Express Interfaces

Program Interfaces


RingCentral® RingOut Integration

RingCentral is a leading provider of cloud business communications solutions. Easier to manage and more flexible than on-premise communications systems (such as a private branch exchange or PBX), RingCentral’s cloud solution meets the needs of modern practices and offices with multiple locations. Practices can enjoy a cost savings with the elimination of the need for on-premise hardware and software.


Your staff can initiate a phone call to your patients from within My Vision Express, all at the click of the mouse. The My Vision Express integration with the RingOut product allows your practice to easily generate a list of telephone numbers needed to place calls, to place a call from within the software, get the current call status, and to cancel the call, all without having to log into a separate software system.

All that’s required for set up is an Internet connection. RingCentral was created to be up and running in a matter of minutes, not days or weeks, and is managed online.

Making a call from My Vision Express using RingCentral’s RingOut solution is as simple as clicking a button. By clicking on the Phone icon in the patient record, the number is immediately dialled.

Click to call using RingOut.

Website: | Email: | Telephone: 1.877.294.0684

ABB Optical

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Celebrating its 25th anniversary, ABB OPTICAL GROUP is a leading distributor of optical products in the United States. The company supplies nearly two-thirds of eye care professionals across the country with brand name contact lenses, fully customizable gas permeable and custom specialty soft contact lenses, stock ophthalmic lenses and more.

The company’s Digital Eye Lab is a fully automated optical lab dedicated to Freeform® digital lens fabrication. ABB OPTICAL GROUP also offers practice building services such as pricing strategy tools, business reviews, annual supply staff training, and e-commerce solutions, including patient ordering websites and For additional information, visit

Website: | Email: | Telephone: 1.800.852.8089

Demandforce Interface

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What is Demandforce?
Demandforce integrates with My Vision Express to bring the premier marketing and communication solution to the eye care industry. The integration will help streamline office efficiency, build the practice’s online reputation, and reduce patient no-shows by Demandforce’s proven three components: communication, reputation, and Intuit Local.

How does it work?
This interface integrates My Vision Express to the Demandforce service. This integration utilizes the data in your My Vision Express to send automatic appointment reminders via e-mail and text messages, and send email campaigns based on demographic, scheduling and transaction information. With all this valuable data in the Demandforce server, My Vision Express users are able to design marketing strategies based upon patient demographic data and historical data of which marketing campaigns worked best to increase patient visit frequency and retail sales.

What are the costs involved?
The Demandforce interface is a standard feature on My Vision Express. All you need to start is a Demandforce account. There is no extra charge involved.

Website: | E-mail: | Phone Number: (800) 210-0355

Lens On Demand

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Lens On Demand

My Vision Express integrates with Lens On Demand to facilitate the management of your contact lens inventory, configurations, and electronic orders.

  • Convenience — Download contact lens data into your inventory, including all configurations and trials available for each lens and packaging pictures.
  • Inventory Management — Allows you to set reorder points and maximum inventory for each configuration. Generate purchase orders automatically based on those parameters.
  • Accuracy — Validate the parameters of your orders to ensure that the proper contact lens configurations exist.
  • Shipping Options — Orders can be shipped to your office or to patients directly. Track order status in real time.
  • Integration — Submit your contact lens orders electronically to ABB Optical Group, ODG, OOGP, Diversified Ophthalmics, and New Era.

How Lens On Demand Works

The Lens On Demand integration requires no additional software to install or equipment to purchase. The system utilizes web-based technology to ensure availability and scalability.

Website: | Email: | Telephone: 1.855.877.CLOD (2563)

Emdeon Insurance Clearinghouse Interface

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What is Electronic Claims Interface?
Emdeon is a leading provider of revenue and payment cycle management and clinical information exchange solutions, connecting payers, providers and patients in the U.S. healthcare system. Emdeon’s product and service offerings integrate and automate key business and administrative functions of its payer and provider customers throughout the patient encounter. Through the use of Emdeon’s comprehensive suite of products and services, which are designed to easily integrate with existing technology infrastructures, customers are able to improve efficiency, reduce costs, increase cash flow and more efficiently manage the complex revenue and payment cycle and clinical information exchange processes.

How does it work?
After creating a claim using the insurance module you can create an electronic file by simply clicking a button. You can create individual or batch files. All you will need to do after the claims file is created is uploaded to your clearing house for processing.

What are the costs involved?
The Electronic Claims interface is a standard feature on My Vision Express therefore there is no extra charge involved; however, a claim processing fee will be charged by the clearinghouse. For more details please contact the clearinghouse you will be working with.

Click here to learn more about Electric Claims Management Features with My Vision Express.

Website: | Online Contact Form: | Phone Number: 877.363.3666

Insurance Canada

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For Canadian customers, My Vision Express includes provincial billing for the following provinces:

If your province is not listed and would like us to integrate provincial billing for your province please contact us.

Want to learn more about how you can accelerate your My Vision Express? Click here to contact us today.

Optivision Lab Management Interface

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Optivision® offers the most user-friendly, feature rich & affordable full Windows® Lab Software… anywhere. Freeform, digital & conventional surfacing, edging, AR coating, remote tracing & Rx order entry – for three decades, Optivision has provided custom solutions for any size wholesale or retail surfacing & edging labs and optical shops:

Key Optivision LMS Features:

  • Full Windows®-based software
  • Very fast & easy one-page Order Entry
  • Precise Freeform/Digital & Conventional Surfacing & Finishing calculations
  • Machinery Interface communication for all devices
  • Accurate automated Pricing & Invoicing
  • Integrated Accounting for Monthly Statements
  • Automated Invoice and/or Statement discounts
  • Comprehensive Reporting for sales, lens usage, management, etc.
  • Inventory Management & Lens Ordering
  • Automated Job Tracking
  • Automated Lens Data & Program Updates
  • 24-hour real-time online Job Status
  • 24-hour online, easy, one-page Rx Remote Order Entry & Tracing
  • Inter Lab Transfer: barcode scan tray to quickly transmit jobs to any outsource lab instead of rekeying
  • Eyefinity, VisionWeb, My Vision Express, AcuityLogic & other integrations
  • And much more! Call Optivision® today toll-free at 800.795.9927

Website: | E-mail: | Phone Number: 800.795.9927

Ocuco Innovations

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Ocuco is the maker of the Innovations Lab Software which automates prescription lens processing by providing a powerful set of functions designed to manage the process and business of lens manufacturing. Ocuco, the second largest optical retail software company in the world, continues to expand globally, with offices in the UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, Italy, France, Spain and Australia. Ocuco’s global products are the Acuitas Practice Management System (PMS), and the Innovations Lab Management System (LMS). Based on an Oracle database, Ocuco was the first to introduce a truly scalable Enterprise system to the market.

Website: | E-mail: | Phone Number: 860-432-3320

Websystem3 Interface

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What is WebSystem3?
WebSystem3 is an online patient communications service that delivers automatic recalls, appointment scheduling, reminders, confirmations, surveys and thank-you letters, along with any other customized message you would like to send out to your patients. It also includes powerful social media and online review tools. WebSystem3 is designed to build practice revenues, profits and patient loyalty, while saving office staff time.

How is WebSystem3 different?
WebSystem3 was created by an O.D. to meet the special needs of eye care practices. A CooperVision company, WebSystem3 leverages its insight into eye care to create effective patient communications that can help build practice revenues and profits. In addition, all WebSystem3 communications – from recall notices to marketing emails – are branded to your practice, helping to build your image and reputation.

What are the most important benefits?
WebSystem3 helps eye care practices:

    Fill appointment books. With easy online scheduling, automatic appointment reminders, patient recalls, and loyalty marketing tools that help drive referrals through social media and online reviews, WebSystem3 reduces no-shows and helps keep your practice full.

    Save staff time. Automatic communications and online appointment requests boost the productivity of your staff.

    Boost profits. In addition to keeping your appointment book filled, WebSystem3 makes it easy to cross-sell eye ware and other profit-generators, encourages patient referrals, and increases patient loyalty.

How does it work?
WebSystem3 is integrated with My Vision Express. All appointments booked through My Vision Express Calendar are synchronized with WebSystem3, saving your office staff time by avoiding double entry of data. Using the information in My Vision Express, WebSystem3 lets you automatically send the right message at the right time to each of your patients.

What are the costs involved?
The WebSystem3 interface is a standard feature on My Vision Express. All you need is an account with WebSystem3. Doctors who order contact lenses from CooperVision qualify for a rebate program that can pay for some or all of your monthly WebSystem3 subscription.

How can I learn more?
To arrange a no-obligation private consultation with a WebSystem3 expert, call 916-934-5555 today. Or visit and sign up for a 30-day free trial.

Inventory Interfaces

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My Vision Express Inventory Interfaces

Streamline your inventory process with My Vision Express by importing thousands of frames and contact lens types from the most well-known suppliers in the eye care industry with our inventory interfaces with ABB OPTICAL GROUP, Frames Data, CLX System from Opti-Port, and Lens On Demand.

These interfaces save you time and money so that you and your staff do not have to waste time on manually setting up your inventory item by item.



  • Import and update frame information with the click of a button.
  • Set up frame markup formulas to auto-calculate retail prices based on wholesale cost.
  • Use barcode scanning for inventory control and point-of-sale (POS).

Spectacle Lenses

  • Manage stock lens configurations by sphere, cylinder, diameter, base curve, cost, optical product code (OPC), and more.
  • Set up pricing grids to have the system charge extra for high-power spheres, sphere and cylinder combinations, add measurements, and prisms.
  • Select lens treatments available to lenses for accurate ordering.
  • Match any spectacle lens to a preferred lab.
  • Specify what lens measurements are available and which are required.
  • Specify valid sphere, cylinder, add power, and pupillary distance (PD) ranges.
  • Specify maximum lens diameter and automatically charge for oversize diameter.

Contact Lenses

  • Download contact lens data including all configurations and trials available for each lens as well as packaging images.
  • Set reorder points and maximum inventory for each configuration.
  • Generate purchase orders automatically based on reorder points and maximum inventory.
  • Validate order parameters to ensure that proper contact lens configurations exist.
  • Ship orders to the practice location or direct to patients.
  • Submit contact lens orders electronically to distributors.

To learn more about how the Inventory interfaces in My Vision Express can help streamline your practice, call us toll-free at 1.877.882.7455 . You can also submit your questions about My Vision Express online.