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My Vision Express interfaces and integrates with hundreds of vision diagnostic instruments, dispensing devices, and optical software technologies, and is constantly developing new interfaces and integrations for additional equipment and software. We believe that offering interfaces and equipment integrations maximizes your investment in your practice.

Direct Messaging

What Is Direct Messaging?

Direct messaging is a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant way to securely communicate and share protected health information (PHI) with other providers and ambulatory centers. My Vision Express is pleased to offer this service in our Global Portal through our partnership with Updox.

Why Use Direct Messaging?

Your practice can use direct messaging for the following:

  • Send supporting documentation for insurance claims.
  • Safely deliver medical records to requesting parties.
  • Provide referral information.

How To Set Up Direct Messaging

To activate Direct Messaging, log in to Global Portal and select "My Account" from the left-hand side to access the Direct Messaging tab. Our Global Portal will walk you through the necessary steps to set-up your account. It's as easy as that — and the first mailbox is free.

Apex EDI®

Apex EDI®

My Vision Express has partnered with Apex EDI® so your practice can easily generate electronic insurance claim files for direct submission. As a national clearinghouse, Apex EDI's services allows your practice to send claims directly from My Vision Express to payers. Apex EDI also provides reporting and web-based claims management functions to streamline the billing process.

How the Interface with Apex EDI Works

After creating a claim using the Insurance module, you can create and submit an electronic claim to Apex EDI at the click of the mouse. You can send and organize patient statements with real-time processing and receive Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) files in American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Accredited Standards Committee (ACS) 835 format.

Interface Features

  • Generate single or batch insurance claims.
  • Claim attachments as a Medical Electronic Attachment (MEA) / National Electronic Attachment (NEA).
    • Processing of multiple claim formats:
    • Print Image and ANSI 834A Version 5010
    • ANSI ASC X12N 837P (005010A1)
    • ASC X12N 835 (005010X221A1)

Website: | Online Form: Contact Apex EDI | Toll-Free: 1-800-840-9152

VueSimulator by VueCare Media

VueCare Media My Vision Express and VueCare Media have partnered to bring your practice VueSimulator, the eye care industry's most interactive, easy to use, and affordable patient education software available.

What Is VueSimulator?

VueSimulator is web-based software that helps patients and their families visualizing conditions and treatments using sophisticated 3D animations, graphics, videos and multi-viewing angles of eye anatomy.

Easy to use, seamlessly integrated with My Vision Express, patient education delivered using VueSimulator is automatically documented. Now in twenty seconds or less, you can deliver innovative patient education, decreasing exam chair time, while increasing your practice revenue and complying with Meaningful Use.

Why Your Practice Should Use VueSimulator

What You’ll Get

VueSimulator, your patient education and marketing tool.

Your choice of using it on a PC, Mac®, or iOS (iPad®).

Automatically documented record of Meaningful Use.

Videos directly sent to patients via My Vision Express.

New simulations and videos free of charge.

How To Use VueSimulator

Simply complete your patient's diagnosis to see a list of all related VueSimulator videos and simulations. Choose and play. My Vision Express automatically updates the medical record with the patient education and sends a link to the secure Global Portal module.

Get Started Today With A Free Trial

In My Vision Express, simply navigate to the Exam Record tab and click on the “VueCare” button. The trial period begins the day you or any member of your practice accesses VueSimulator through My Vision Express. Your practice will have access at no charge for the remainder of that month and one full month afterward, up to 60 days. This is a risk-free, limited time offer available to My Vision Express customers.

Patient Engagement Interfaces

Patient Engagement Interfaces

You want to stay in touch with your patients after their visits are over. My Vision Express now offers patient engagement services with our Patient Communications module, allowing you to seamlessly manage appointments, focus on your marketing efforts, and also engage your patients

This dynamic feature is both multimodal and interactive, and will allow you to reach every one of your patients through telephone (voice calls), two-way short message service (SMS)/text messaging, email, and social media.

My Vision Express also works with the following third-party patient engagement interfaces:

  • 4PatientCare™ delivers interactive messaging solutions that integrate administrative, clinical, and health plan messaging needs.
  • Demandforce®, a marketing and communication software service from Intuit®, that aids local businesses in the Internet economy using email communications, SMS/text messaging, and online services.
  • Solutionreach™ offers healthcare providers personalization when interacting with patients via SMS/text, e-mail, voice, video, web, and social media tools.
  • Telecare from Karlsrüd Contact Center Solutions gives practices a 1-to-1 human connection with on-demand sales, marketing, and customer support.
  • WebSystem3®, created by an eye doctor, that answers every communication need of a busy practice.
Patient Education Interfaces

Patient Education Interfaces

Beyond adherence to Stage 2 – Core Set of the Meaningful Use objectives set by the Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Programs, education offers your patients information specific to their health condition, point-in-care (for example, if they are newly diagnosed or have been living with a condition), and details on any health care decisions they might face with regard to treatment options.

Offering patients educational resources not only provides your practice with compliance regarding the Meaningful Use financial incentives, it can engage your patients and encourage a better relationship with your practice and improved health outcomes.

Using the Patient Education interfaces built into My Vision Express you and your practice can display specific educational material relevant to certain exam findings, laboratory test results, medications, or a problem list for the patient from the Education Resources screen.

My Vision Express works with the following third-party patient education interfaces.

  • VueCare Media offers a software specifically made for exam lanes and for optical dispensaries. It utilizes interactive animations with videos to educate patients and upsell products and procedures with simulations of treatment options.

  • Eyemaginations provides quick visuals, anatomical imagery, and videos that demonstrate disease progression and surgical intervention, and are available with one click of the button, pre-educating your patients before they enter the exam room.

Insurance Payer Search

Insurance Payer Search

Quickly connect to thousands of insurance payers.

Simply follow the steps below to quickly find a list of payers. You can also enter the payer identification number or the payer name to view a specific payer.

Electronic Claims

To search for payers that can receive electronic claims:

  1. From a browser, visit the Emdeon® PayerList online: online.
  2. Click on the Claims tab.
  3. Select Emdeon Office as the Product.
  4. Select All as the Payer Type.
  5. Select Medical as the Line of Business.
  6. Select Claims as the Service.
  7. Select All for the State.
  8. Click on View List to see search results.

Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) Management and
Electronic Funds Transfer (ETF) Management

To search for payers that provide electronic remittance advice (ERA) / electronic funds transfers (ETFs):

  • From a browser, visit the Emdeon® PayerList online:
  • Click on the ERA/EFT/Remittance tab.
  • Select Emdeon Office as the Product.
  • Select All as the Payer Type.
  • Select Medical as the Line of Business.
  • Select ERA as the Service.
  • Click on View List to see search results.



Our integrated e-prescribing solution with Rcopia® from DrFirst® allows doctors to prescribe from within My Vision Express and have their prescriptions securely delivered directly to the pharmacy's computer. Our solution provides access to effective online resources for both drug and patient information.

For drugs, a doctor can quickly and easily check for important health risk information such as interactions with other drugs or patient allergies, or pregnancy and geriatric alerts. Doctors can also see a patient's prescription record so that they can make clinically appropriate decisions at the point of care, ensuring for the patient's well being as well as compliance with legislation like New York state's Internet System for Tracking Over-Prescribing (I-STOP).

E-prescribing reduces the potential for medical errors and increases efficiency. It allows the easy selection of the medications preferred by the patient's health plan and those that meet therapeutic guidelines and the patient's budget. Renewal authorizations can be sent from the pharmacy to the practice via web and approved by the prescriber with ease. Also, handwriting interpretation issues are eliminated. As a result, the volume of calls and faxes from or to pharmacies is reduced and the quality and effectiveness of patient care is substantially increased.


  • Allergy, drug, and pregnancy interaction review from First DataBank®.
  • Patient leaflets in 18 languages.
  • Comprehensive drug reference from Lexicomp®.
  • Comprehensive managed care formularies from MediMedia Information Technologies.
  • Over 5,000 health plans from all over the United States are on MediMedia's InfoScan Formulary Database™, including Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBMs), Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs), employer self-insured programs, state-level Medicaid programs, and Medicare Part D plans.
  • Electronic pharmacy connection through Surescripts® for access to the patient's prescription history, script delivery to the pharmacy, and renewal authorization processing.
  • Surescripts also delivers prescription history information across providers for any patient.

Website: DrFirst® | Email: | Toll-Free: 1-888-271-9898



4PatientCare™ is a patient engagement solution with automatic tools that are fully configurable for each provider and each location in your practice. You decide on the message (recalls, pre-appointments, reminders, product pick-up, intelligent surveys, birthday messages, and custom notifications) and the modality (email, text, professionally recorded voice messages, and digital print-postal). 4PatientCare utilizes automatic detection of mobile devices for optimized patient interaction. Their services come with a satisfaction guarantee with both transaction and unlimited plans for every size practice.

4PatientCare Features

Today's healthcare consumer is demanding. They want the same convenience found in other industries to extend to their healthcare interactions. 4PatientCare brings the same convenience of booking online travel to patients who want to see you. No more phone tag, no busy signals, no wasted time, and no wasted opportunities. Fill your schedule with desired patients, and ensure those on the schedule show up on time and prepared for their appointment.

All 4PatientCare automated communications are triggered by your personally configured business rules. We require no staff interaction to send your pre-appointment, recall and reminder campaigns. The system fits into the way you practice, not the other way around.


4PatientCare increases practice revenue, lowers operational costs, frees valuable staff time for high-value activities, fills your schedule, and lowers no-show rates. The 4PatientCare and My Vision Express interface captures the patient experience and gives you valuable actionable feedback. Happy patients are invited to share their positive opinion on the web, increasing your online reputation.

How It Works

My Vision Express and 4PatientCare have worked hard to ensure our systems are fully integrated and work seamlessly together. Once our expert staff configures your system, interactive patient communication is automatic. This means no more exporting time consuming reports or asking your staff if they are up to date with their recalls. Our partnership with 4PatientCare does the heavy lifting and your practice gets the benefits.


4PatientCare seamlessly integrates with My Vision Express with only a basic set-up fee.

If you don't already have a 4PatientCare account, they have flexible plans for every size of practice based on number of providers or number of locations — whichever makes the most sense for you! The 4PatientCare plan comes with unlimited usage of all services, allowing your practice to design a system that truly meets all of your practice's needs.

Website: | Email: | Toll-Free: 1-877-777-9078

ABB Optical Group

ABB Optical Group

ABB OPTICAL GROUP is a leading distributor of optical products in the United States. The company supplies nearly two-thirds of eye care professionals across the country with brand name contact lenses, fully customizable gas permeable and custom specialty soft contact lenses, stock ophthalmic lenses and more.

The company's Digital Eye Lab is a fully automated optical lab dedicated to Freeform® digital lens fabrication. ABB OPTICAL GROUP also offers practice building services such as pricing strategy tools, business reviews, annual supply staff training, and e-commerce solutions, including patient ordering websites and For additional information, visit

Website: | Email: | Toll-Free: 1-800-852-8089

Arch Crown™ , Inc.

Arch Crown™

Arch Crown™ is a labels manufacturer who offers a complete line of price tags, promotional tags, labels, and custom printed products. The company also specializes in barcode products including printers, scanners, software, and a complete range of barcode labels.

How It Works

Although barcode labels can be printed on labels of most sizes, the Arch Crown tags and labels interface with My Vision Express offers specific printing and labeling for optical price tags and eyeglass frames.


The Arch Crown interface is a standard feature on My Vision Express, so there is no extra charge involved; however you will have to buy the hardware required to print out the Arch Crown labels.

Website: | Email: | Toll-Free: 1-800-526-8353