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CC Systems Lab Management (Labzilla)

CC Systems (Labzilla)

Eye care practices use the Labzilla laboratory management software from CC Systems for surfacing, finishing, coating labs, and integrated retailers, and for their reach. CC Systems / Labzilla services over 870 labs worldwide — more than any other laboratory management software provider. Their experienced technical support staff boasts a combined 300-plus years of in-house optical lab management experience.

Labzilla Features

CC Systems/Labzilla handles processes ranging from:

  • Lens fabrication.
  • Machine interfaces to every manufacturer.
  • Automatic pricing and invoicing.
  • Built-in Accounts Receivables for statements, credit, package and discounts options.
  • Pre-loaded lens databases for calculation and bar-coded inventory control (containing over 500,000 lenses and updated automatically every two weeks);
  • Remote Internet ordering, tracing, and job checking.
  • Eyefinity®, VisionWeb®, and My Vision Express interfaces.
  • Flexible management reports.
  • Inventory control for ordering, receiving, and physical counts.

Website: opticalonline.com | Email: sales@opticalonline.com | Toll-Free: 1-800-708-1736

DVI RxWizard™


My Vision Express integrates with the Digital Vision, Inc. (DVI) RxWizard™ internet communication system, which allows your practice to:

  • Submit lab orders electronically with frame tracings and validation of available lens styles and materials, optical prescriptions, and more.
  • Obtain a lab report with the status of the jobs that you have submitted.
  • Determine the availability of products from the lab.

How the DVI RxWizard Interface Works

After installing and setting up the RxWizard, you can submit your jobs to the lab from the order screen directly. You can also submit your jobs in batch. Installing and using this interface is as easy as downloading the DVI plug-in, installing the RxWizard, setting up DVI as the lab, and assigning the DVI codes.

Website: dvirx.com | Online Contact Form: www.thedvi.com/mail.php | Telephone: 1-503-231-6606

Ocuco Innovations


Innovations is an optical laboratory software program that automates prescription lens processing by providing a powerful set of functions designed to manage the process and business of lens manufacturing.

Ocuco, the second largest optical retail software company in the world, continues to expand globally, with offices in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Ireland, Italy, France, Spain, and Australia.

Among their global products are the Acuitas practice management system (PMS) and the Innovations optical lab management system (LMS). Based on an Oracle® database, Ocuco was the first to introduce a truly scalable enterprise system to the market.

Website: ocuco.com | Email: support@ocuco.com | Telephone: 1-860-432-3320



Optivision® offers the most user-friendly, feature rich & affordable full Windows® lab software anywhere. Freeform, digital and conventional surfacing, edging, antireflective (AR) coating, remote tracing and prescription order entry — for three decades, Optivision has provided custom solutions for any size wholesale or retail surfacing and edging labs and optical shops.

Optivision Features

  • Full Windows-based software.
  • Very fast and easy one-page order entry.
  • Precise Freeform/digital and conventional surfacing and finishing calculations.
  • Machinery interface communication for all devices.
  • Accurate automated pricing and invoicing.
  • Integrated accounting for monthly statements.
  • Automated invoice and/or statement discounts.
  • Comprehensive reporting for sales, lens usage, management, and more.
  • Inventory management and lens ordering.
  • Automated job tracking.
  • Automated lens data and program updates.
  • 24-hour real-time online job status.
  • 24-hour online, easy, one-page prescription remote order entry and tracing.
  • Inter-lab transfers using a barcode scan tray to quickly transmit jobs to any outsource lab instead of re-keying.
  • Eyefinity®, VisionWeb®, My Vision Express®, AcuityLogic™ and other integrations.
Website: optivision.com | Email: support@optivision.com | Telephone: 1-800-795-9927



My Vision Express integrates with VisionWeb® to allow practices to place spectacle lens orders to hundreds of suppliers, from within the My Vision Express system. My Vision Express is also compatible with their insurance transaction processing service for submitting electronic claims.


The ordering interface allows you to order spectacle lenses from hundreds of suppliers from within the My Vision Express practice management system. There is no need to leave the application, allowing you to enter data only once. You will save time and improve the accuracy of your orders, while experiencing the benefits of electronic ordering, including:

  • Direct access to hundreds of suppliers from one interface.
  • Custom catalogs and error checking to improve order accuracy.
  • Improved turnaround time on orders placed electronically.
  • Ongoing technical support and customer service.


The ordering integration is available to My Vision Express customers at no charge.

Website: visionweb.com | Email: customerservice@visionweb.com | Toll-Free: 1-800-874-6601