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Consent Form Tracking and Signature Capture

Consent Form Tracking and Signature Capture

Using My Vision Express your practice is one more step towards going completely paperless. With automatic consent form reminders, tracking, and electronic signature capture capability, your office can increase efficiency and ensure compliance.

You can easily set up compliance and consent forms so that My Vision Express reminds you to print them for your patients.

With Signature Capture, you and your staff will be able to review a patient's consent form in the electronic health record (EHR) software of My Vision Express.


  • Set up custom consent forms.
  • Automatically create consent form reminders.
  • Capture electronic signatures on patient consent forms using a fully-integrated signature pad.
  • Ensure accuracy as the consent form is displayed on the signature pad for the patient's review.
  • Easily review consent as the signed form is automatically stored in the patient's EHR under the Consent tab.

  • Please note that Consent Form tracking and Signature Capture requires the latest version of My Vision Express, as well as Microsoft® Windows® 7 or better or Microsoft Windows Server® 2012 32-bit and 64-bit.
  • To purchase a compatible signature capture pad, please visit our online store.

Consent Forms Tracking

Electronic Signature Capture

Signotec GmbH

signotec GmbH

Signotec is the market and technology leader in electronic signature captures via pen-pad or tablet / PC. With Signotec's line of products, your patients are able to sign just like with pen and paper but in a digital format, optimizing your practice's business processes. This avoids loss of media, enables you to authenticate patient consent, and create legally compliant documents.

Electronic documents signed using Signotec signature solutions can be easily stored and verified without any technical complexity and the signature and consent process remains simple and safe. Consent forms and other electronic documentation are protected by the digital signature and can be verified for compliance purposes.

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