Inventory Interfaces

My Vision Express Inventory Interfaces

Streamline your inventory process with My Vision Express by importing thousands of frames and contact lens types from the most well-known suppliers in the eye care industry with our inventory interfaces with ABB OPTICAL GROUP, Frames Data, CLX System from Opti-Port, and Lens On Demand.

These interfaces save you time and money so that you and your staff do not have to waste time on manually setting up your inventory item by item.



  • Import and update frame information with the click of a button.
  • Set up frame markup formulas to auto-calculate retail prices based on wholesale cost.
  • Use barcode scanning for inventory control and point-of-sale (POS).

Spectacle Lenses

  • Manage stock lens configurations by sphere, cylinder, diameter, base curve, cost, optical product code (OPC), and more.
  • Set up pricing grids to have the system charge extra for high-power spheres, sphere and cylinder combinations, add measurements, and prisms.
  • Select lens treatments available to lenses for accurate ordering.
  • Match any spectacle lens to a preferred lab.
  • Specify what lens measurements are available and which are required.
  • Specify valid sphere, cylinder, add power, and pupillary distance (PD) ranges.
  • Specify maximum lens diameter and automatically charge for oversize diameter.

Contact Lenses

  • Download contact lens data including all configurations and trials available for each lens as well as packaging images.
  • Set reorder points and maximum inventory for each configuration.
  • Generate purchase orders automatically based on reorder points and maximum inventory.
  • Validate order parameters to ensure that proper contact lens configurations exist.
  • Ship orders to the practice location or direct to patients.
  • Submit contact lens orders electronically to distributors.

To learn more about how the Inventory interfaces in My Vision Express can help streamline your practice, call us toll-free at 1.877.882.7455 . You can also submit your questions about My Vision Express online.