Multiple Locations


My Vision Express offers a multi-location solution, allowing you to implement a single, centralized system for several locations that can be deployed as a local client-server installation or cloud-based solution.

Multiple offices on a network.
  • Supports unlimited locations.
  • Maintain separate location information including logo, tax rates, and commissions.
  • Assign employees to a single location or to all.
  • Run reports, scheduling and availability by locations.
  • Separate financials by location.
  • Lookup inventory easily across locations.
  • Maintain inventory per location, transfer inventory among locations. Add inventory items to all locations or to a single one.
  • Use the Inventory Distribution Center module for centralized inventory distribution across multiple practices.
  • Maintain patient history across locations.
  • Reduce costs by centralizing scheduling and insurance billing for all locations.
  • Keep separate office hours for each location.

Want to learn more about how My Vision Express can support your multi-office practice? You can call My Vision Express toll-free at 877.882.7455 . You can also send us your questions about My Vision Express online.