Order Entry

The Orders module allows you to process your sales in My Vision Express with speed, accuracy and efficiency. Quick Order is the ideal point of sale screen for your eye care practice. It makes it easy for you to charge for professional services and eyewear, and to figure out patient and insurance balances.

Quick Order is a convenient way to create orders, fill prescriptions, add payments, etc. – all on one screen!

Order Entry Features:

Process an Entire Order in One Screen

Search for Orders by Various Criteria

View Images of Contact Lens Packaging on Order Screen

  • Use a single screen –Quick Order– for fast order entry
  • Automatically calculates patient due, insurance due and discounts based on insurance fee schedule
  • Fill order details from patient’s prescription and demographic information
  • Have the system calculate patient and insurance balances based on discounts, sales taxes and insurance plan benefits
  • Apply promotions and coupons and have marketing discounts calculated automatically
  • Accept patient and insurance payments, process refunds and store credits
  • Line item billing and payments
  • Perform adjustments, write-offs and balance transfers
  • Print lab orders, receipts and letters
  • Choose from multiple receipt formats that show patient savings
  • Compatible with bar code scanners
  • Generate a claim for every line item in an order at the click of a button
  • Easily search orders by order number, date, patient etc.
  • Provide quotes without affecting accounting or inventory
  • Quickly add lens treatments and services
  • Transmit orders to labs and track their status
  • Instant access to cost, profit and commission on the order
  • Mail-merge order data into custom letters and forms
  • Integrates with receipt printer
  • Automated rim-type charges for drilled rimless and rimless groove
  • Second pair tracking
  • Automatic tax calculation
  • For multiple locations, specify the location where the patient will pick up the order
  • Quickly track FedEx, UPS, and USPS shipments (internet connection required)
  • Integrates with Essilor VisiOffice and Zeiss iTerminal dispensary systems
  • Easily add lens treatments, services and miscellaneous items
  • Fully integrated with the Exam module
  • View frame images with Frames Data web service integration
  • View images of contact lens packaging with ContactLensOnDemand.com integration
  • Instantly send contact lens orders from the order screen directly to distributors
  • Generate insurance claims at the click of a button
  • Handle payments for multiple orders or patients efficiently with the Checkout module
  • Manage return, exchange, reprocessing and warranty transactions with After Sales Wizards
  • Daily Closing

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