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Patient Education Interfaces

Beyond adherence to Stage 2 – Core Set of the Meaningful Use objectives set by the Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Programs, education offers your patients information specific to their health condition, point-in-care (for example, if they are newly diagnosed or have been living with a condition), and details on any health care decisions they might face with regard to treatment options.

Offering patients educational resources not only provides your practice with compliance regarding the Meaningful Use financial incentives, it can engage your patients and encourage a better relationship with your practice and improved health outcomes.

Using the Patient Education interfaces built into My Vision Express you and your practice can display specific educational material relevant to certain exam findings, laboratory test results, medications, or a problem list for the patient from the Education Resources screen.

My Vision Express works with the following third-party patient education interfaces.

  • VueCare Media offers a software specifically made for exam lanes and for optical dispensaries. It utilizes interactive animations with videos to educate patients and upsell products and procedures with simulations of treatment options.

  • Eyemaginations provides quick visuals, anatomical imagery, and videos that demonstrate disease progression and surgical intervention, and are available with one click of the button, pre-educating your patients before they enter the exam room.