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Recalls and Letters

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The Letters module features a powerful recall and marketing system which represents the most efficient way to retain patients and build your business. Create any kind of personalized letter from within the program without the need for any other word-processing software.

Letters Screen

Letter Details Screen

E-mail receipts and other customized letters to your patients

  • Create letters from patient demographics, prescriptions, appointments, orders and exams
  • Built-in word processor to create custom letters from within the system
  • Extensive search criteria to create custom mailing lists
  • Import and export letters from and to word processing software such as Microsoft Word
  • Perform mail-merge to create custom emails, letters, labels, or postcards using extensive search criteria
  • One-click creation of patient address labels or file folder labels
  • Setup recall schedules
  • Integrate with the e-mail system to send your recall reminders and other messages as mass e-mails
  • Track correspondence history
  • Accessible throughout the program
  • Setup compliance and consent forms so that the system reminds you to print them for patients
  • Generate HIPAA compliance, Medicare and miscellaneous forms required by insurance plans
  • Specify expiration date for each consent form
  • Share your letters with other My Vision Express customers and import letters that they have created
  • Interfaces with 4PatientCare, Demandforce, and Websystem3


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Email integration allows you to send secure e-mails directly from My Vision Express. Effectively communicate with your patients and vendors, as well as outside physicians in your My Vision Express database. Simplify the communications from your office without the use of postage.

Email Screen

  • Target a marketing promotion; send recalls or any other kind of communication with your patients
  • Create custom recipient list based on search criteria you specify
  • Send reports, receipts, referral letters, and more via e-mail
  • Notify patients of new products, special sales, appointment reminders or a notice concerning your office schedule
  • Send emails to an individual or group of patients
  • Communicate securely using encryption and hash verification in your e-mails


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Accept marketing coupons and automatically calculate accurate discounts based on the marketing information that you specify. It is one of the most powerful time and money saving features. Eliminate calculation errors by automatically calculating discounts based on marketing promotions and ordered items.

Marketing Screen

  • Create your own marketing promotions and set valid and expiration dates
  • Create marketing packages with a group of items for a fixed price
  • Discount specific item types as a percentage of the retail price or as a fixed amount
  • Discount separate item types at different levels with a single marketing promotion
  • Discount 6 and 12 month supplies of contact lenses
  • Create two-for-one (“Buy One, Get One Free”) promotions*
  • Coupons are activated for a range of dates allowing them to be only available during the promotional period
  • Automatically calculates discount based on the coupons and items ordered
  • Specify discounts with or without sales tax
  • Identify the most effective marketing methods
  • Track marketing sales with the Marketing report

* Not available in Canada

Picture Viewer

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My Vision Express Picture Viewer allows you to take patient pictures with a digital camera or a webcam and email them. Allows patients to simultaneously see themselves with different frame styles!

Picture Viewer Screen

  • Assists patient in making a wise decision and selecting frames that suit them
  • Email pictures to friends and family for their opinion on selected frames
  • Take patient’s pictures wearing different frame styles
  • Take up to 8 digital pictures
  • Perform side-by-side comparison

Patient Tracker

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Monitor and update the status of your patients throughout the duration of their office visit.

Patient Tracker Screen

  • Perform patient check-ins and check-outs
  • View patient waiting time
  • Prioritize appointments
  • Review services being performed
  • See the time elapsed since a patient was dilated
  • Monitor and update the physical location of patients within the office

Document Manager

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Document Manager

The Document Manager feature in My Vision Express allows you to store all of patient’s files electronically — eliminating the need for paper charts. You and your staff can easily scan and store outside prescriptions, previous medical records, diagnostic test results, and more.

Document Manager is the perfect solution for a paperless office, enabling your practice to:

The Patient Files Tab view in My Vision Express.

The File Viewer in My Vision Express.

  • Create paperless storage of all patient-related documents organized by date, category, and name.
  • Store all patient-related documents organized by date, category, and name.
  • Lock documents with date and time stamps for additional security.
  • Print, fax, or export documents.
  • Store documents in any file format.
  • Scan, review, and save paper documents.
  • Zoom and rotate images.
  • Access documents easily from the Patient and Exam modules of My Vision Express.

Want to learn about our Document Manager and how My Vision Express can help your practice transition to a paperless office?

Call My Vision Express at 1.877.882.7455 . You can also submit your questions about My Vision Express online.

Patient Profile

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The Patient module acts as the central repository for all information on your patients. It gives you access to their prescriptions, orders, appointments, insurance claims, images and scanned documents.

Patient Screen – Profile Tab

Patient Screen – Insurance Tab

Patient Screen – Vision Rx Tab

Patient Screen – History Tab

Patient Features:

  • Easily find patient records using multiple search criteria or quickly select from records previously accessed during the day
  • Make important fields mandatory so that your staff does not miss them during patient data entry
  • Capture extensive demographic, prescription and insurance information
  • Snap pictures, scan documents and select files to link to patient records
  • Scan driver licenses and insurance cards. Capture the information in them automatically through an optional OCR interface
  • Track unlimited prescriptions for spectacle lenses; as well as soft, rigid and custom contact lenses
  • Order from prescriptions with one click
  • Link family members together to create family statements, pay for balances and synchronize their address and phone information
  • Access patient’s appointments, orders, exams and insurance claims history
  • Set up patient alerts
  • Track patient and insurance balances
  • Track consent forms for HIPAA as well as for Medicare and other insurance plans
  • Message your patients securely through e-mail
  • Create letters that merge patient and prescription data
  • Define your own custom fields
  • Avoid duplicate records. When adding a patient, the system will warn you if an existing patient has the same name
  • Monitor access to patient records through an audit trail that identifies for each record what employees have accessed it, and at what date and time