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Patient Profile

The Patient Profile acts as the central repository for all information on all of your patients. It gives you immediate access to their prescriptions, orders, appointments, insurance claims, images, scanned documents, and patient consent.

The Patient Profile module also allows your practice to keep track of prescriptions, generate new orders, attach files or scans, add family members, enter insurance information, document the clinical history, and specify insurance coverage for the patient.


  • Easily find patient records using multiple search criteria or quickly select from records previously accessed during the day.
  • Make important fields mandatory so that your staff does not miss them during patient data entry.
  • Capture extensive demographic, prescription, and insurance information.
  • Snap pictures, scan documents and select files to link to patient records.
  • Scan driver licenses and insurance cards and capture the information in them automatically through an optional optical character recognition (OCR) interface.
  • Track unlimited prescriptions for spectacle lenses, as well as soft, rigid, and custom contact lenses.
  • Order from prescriptions with one click.
  • Link family members together to create family statements, pay for balances, and synchronize their address and phone information.
  • Access patient's appointments, orders, exams, and insurance claims history.
  • Set up patient alerts.
  • Track patient and insurance balances.
  • Track consent forms for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance as well as for Medicare and other insurance plans.
  • Message your patients securely through email.
  • Create letters that merge patient and prescription data.
  • Define your own custom fields.
  • Avoid duplicate records — when adding a patient, the system will warn you if an existing patient has the same name.
  • Monitor access to patient records through an audit trail that identifies for each record what employees have accessed it, and at what date and time.