Recalls and Letters

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Recalls and Letters

The Letters module features a powerful recall and promotion management system which represents the most efficient way to retain a loyal patient community and build your business.

Using the Letters module, you're able to create any kind of personalized letter from within the program without the need for any other word-processing software. This saves you time and money as the built-in functionality eliminates the need to switch between software programs.


  • Create letters from patient demographics, prescriptions, appointments, orders, and exams.
  • Built-in word processor to create custom letters from within the system.
  • Extensive search criteria to create custom mailing lists.
  • Import and export letters from and to word processing software such as Microsoft® Word®.
  • Perform mail-merge to create custom emails, letters, labels, or postcards using extensive search criteria.
  • One-click creation of patient address labels or file folder labels.
  • Setup recall schedules.
  • Integrate with the email system to send your recall reminders and other messages as mass emails.
  • Track correspondence history.
  • Accessible throughout the program.
  • Set up compliance and consent forms so that the system reminds you to print them for patients.
  • Generate Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance, Medicare, and other miscellaneous forms required by insurance plans.
  • Specify the expiration date for each consent form.
  • Share your letters with other My Vision Express customers and import letters that they have created.
  • Interfaces with 4PatientCare™, Demandforce®, and WebSystem3.