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Promotion Management

Using the Promotions Management module, your practice can accept marketing coupons and automatically calculate accurate discounts based on the marketing information that you specify. It's one of the most powerful time- and money-saving features in My Vision Express.

You can eliminate calculation errors from manual entry by automatically calculating discounts based on marketing promotions and ordered items, and you and your staff can create sophisticated sales promotions design to bring returning and new patients to your practice.


  • Create your own marketing promotions and set valid and expiration dates.
  • Create marketing packages with a group of items for a fixed price.
  • Discount specific item types as a percentage of the retail price or as a fixed amount.
  • Discount separate item types at different levels with a single marketing promotion.
  • Discount six- and 12-month supplies of contact lenses.
  • Create two-for-one ("Buy One, Get One Free" / BOGO) promotions. 1
  • Coupons are activated for a range of dates, allowing them to be only available during the promotional period.
  • Automatically calculate discount based on the coupons and items ordered.
  • Specify discounts with or without sales tax.
  • Identify the most effective marketing methods using the Orders by Marketing and the Special/Manager discount reports.
  • Track overall marketing sales with the Marketing report.

1 Please note that BOGO promotions are not available in Canada.