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Reports Portal

My Vision Express offers a variety of reports designed to help you analyze your business and give you insight into your practice.

You're able to generate reports for information ranging from orders to inventory, insurance to appointments, from patients to exams and even more. Reports are separated into four main categories: financial reports, inventory reports, medical reports, and productivity reports, with sub-categories for detailed breakdowns of your business.

The My Vision Express Reports Portal allows for personalization and customization through our partnership with Microsoft® and their Microsoft SQL Server® Report Builder (also known as SSRS).


  • Use extensive pre-built reports that cover all aspects of the business, from finance to staff performance.
  • Run, personalize, and even subscribe to reports.
  • Easily produce reports based on criteria you specify.
  • Run a report for any time period.
  • Specify search, sort, and filter criteria.
  • Save reports in different formats.
  • Email or fax reports.
    • Customers with a local installation of My Vision Express and a paid, licensed standard enterprise version of SSRS are able to schedule reports and to have those reports emailed on completion.
    • Cloud customers of My Vision Express have immediate access as to SSRS as it is included with the web-hosted version of our software.
  • Separate financials for each location.
  • Control user access to reports.
  • Define your own Report Groups.
  • The Daily Closing feature simplifies end-of-day (EOD) reconciliation.