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RingCentral® is a leading provider of cloud business communications solutions. Easier to manage and more flexible than on-premise communications systems (such as a private branch exchange or PBX), RingCentral's cloud solution meets the needs of modern practices and offices with multiple locations. Practices can enjoy a cost savings with the elimination of the need for on-premise hardware and software.

RingCentral Features

Your staff can initiate a phone call to your patients from within My Vision Express, all at the click of the mouse. The My Vision Express integration with the RingOut product allows your practice to easily generate a list of telephone numbers needed to place calls, to place a call from within the software, get the current call status, and to cancel the call, all without having to log into a separate software system.

All that's required for set up is an Internet connection. RingCentral was created to be up and running in a matter of minutes, not days or weeks, and is managed online.

Making a call from My Vision Express using RingCentral's RingOut solution is as simple as button. By clicking on the Phone icon in the patient record, the number is immediately dialled.

Click to call using RingOut.

Website: ringcentral.com | Email: info@ringcentral.com | Toll-Free: 1-877-294-0684