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With the Security feature of My Vision Express, you can assign different levels of access to employees according to their job descriptions, and keep track of changes to your data.

For example, you can assign employees to security groups based on their roles within your practice. You can also define an unlimited number of security groups.

Once you have defined the security groups and employee roles, you can choose to show or hide software features for any security group.

This includes hiding reports from front desk/reception, hiding insurance claims from lab employees, showing the refractive section of exams for opticians, and more.


  • Authenticate employees through User ID and Password.
  • Monitor access to patient records through interactions that include date, time and employee name, and are logged automatically by the system every time that a record is accessed.
  • Have the system auto logout after an idle time interval that you specify.
  • Rely on the robust, built-in security of the Microsoft® SQL Server® database engine.
  • Lock exams, prescriptions, and documents to prevent them from being modified or deleted.
  • Audit reports to determine who has added, deleted, or modified sensitive data, using what device, and on what date and time.
  • Use the encryption/hash tool to encode confidential information and verify its integrity in email messages.
  • Integrate with a Windows® domain for single sign-on functionality.