My Vision Express is dedicated to making the transition from your current system as streamlined as possible. Depending on your practice’s current software and technical situation, My Vision Express offers additional services to help ease the transition to our practice management and electronic health record (EHR) software.

Talented and experienced optical practitioners and technology professionals are available to help you realize the full potential of My Vision Express. Our knowledgeable team — which includes licensed opticians, optometric technicians, and former practice managers — facilitates the integration of technology through every phase of its adoption in your practice. You can always count on superior service from My Vision Express.

  • Support. Consistently rated as excellent1, our U.S.-based representatives will provide you with tiered support through phone, email, and live chat. If a problem arises that requires more intensive technical support, they can connect to your computer via Internet-access to guide you through the issue and help you resolve it.
  • Implementation. Ease the process of setting up the My Vision Express optical software with the help of our team of implementation specialists. Our team verifies critical checkpoints during the implementation process, such as your successful creation of inventories, that you have added your insurance plans and fees, and that you’ve created your doctor schedules — among other crucial tasks required to go live with our program.
  • Training. Education is key in order for you and your staff to be able to use My Vision Express to meet the needs of your practice. Several resources are available to help you learn our optometry software, including instructor-led, web-based, or on-site training, hundreds of video tutorials, webinars, and how-to videos, the My Vision Express Support Central portal and our online Knowledgebase. We believe that training is the best investment to help your practice realize maximum productivity.
  • Data Conversion. My Vision Express is here to help you transition from your old system in a fast and economical way. Simply identify what data you need to have migrated and our technical team will migrate it into your My Vision Express database. Most systems can be easily migrated — whether your existing practice management and/or EHR software is DOS®, Linux®, Mac® OS, or Microsoft® Windows®-based.

We offer data migration services from older systems, as well as complete support, maintenance, and training for our software, as well as our web-based version, the My Vision Express Cloud.

1Rating based on regularly scheduled internal customer support surveys of My Vision Express clients.

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