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Electronic Health Records (EHR)

With the Electronic Health Records (EHR) module from My Vision Express, your practice can perform paperless eye examinations efficiently, and also reduce errors.

The EHR module, which is an ONC-ACB Certified 2014 Edition Complete EHR, is fully integrated into a complete electronic record-keeping system that helps you every step of the way, from booking appointments and performing exams, to creating orders and billing insurance.

ONC Certified 2014 Edition Complete EHR

EHR Features

  • ICD-10 ready, with an industry first tool (our Injury Builder) to simplify coding.
  • Create unlimited exam templates that can be unique for each doctor.
  • Set predefined options and defaults for drop-downs and data values.
  • Create custom patient questionnaires.
  • Setup automated alerts for specific patient types, diagnoses, medications, et cetera.
  • Quick data entry by typing, drawing, check boxes, drop-downs, and scribbling
  • Create personalized, unlimited exam reports and referral letters.
  • Attach unlimited documents and images.
  • Review and carry forward findings from previous exam visits.
  • Start exams from the list of scheduled appointments for the day.
  • Track who access exam records and on what dates and times.
  • Type your own free-form notes for each exam section.
  • Add custom questions and fields.
  • Easily review exam history.
  • See the exam patient's essential demographics and picture in the exam header.
  • See a summary of findings for all exams for any given patient at-a-glance.
  • Setup dilation information in the exam header.
  • Perform entrance tests.
  • Record a patient's vital signs, blood pressure, psychiatric, and computer-use information.
  • Record past, family, and social history (PFSH).
  • Perform binocular tests, including phorias, vergences, cross-cylinder, negative relative accommodation (NRA), positive relative accommodation (PRA), near point of convergence (NPC), near point of accommodation (NPA), accommodative convergence/accommodation (AC/A) ratio, fusion, and stereopsis.
  • Record a patient's reason for visit.
  • Describe every complaint from the patient in the History of the Present Illness (HPI) Builder.
  • Designate one of the complaints as the chief complaint for the exam.
  • View and copy complaints from previous exam visits.
  • Capture unlimited presenting, retinoscopy, objective, subjective, manifest, cycloplegic and final refractions in the Refractive tab.
  • View or copy previous refractions.
  • Integrate diagnostic equipment to automatically bring autorefractor/keratometer and lensometry readings into the Refractive tab.
  • Graph keratometry readings.
  • Capture external and internal eye findings.
  • Record unlimited tonometry readings.
  • Visualize trends with an intraocular pressure (IOP) graph report that will also list pachymetry results, blood pressure readings, and glaucoma medications.
  • Draw your findings for the external and internal eye sections.
  • Internal eye exam section allows you to enter your findings on arteriolar-to-venous (A/V) ratio, cup-to-disc ratio (CDR), optic disc, exam method, et cetera.
  • Capture unlimited presenting, trial, and final contact lens prescriptions in the Contacts tab.
  • Create prescriptions for soft, rigid, and custom contact lenses as well as drawings for them.
  • View and copy previous contact lens prescriptions.
  • Create contact prescriptions based on refractions.
  • Review contact lens order history.
  • Send an accurate, error-free, and understandable prescriptions directly to a pharmacy with the E-Prescribing feature.
  • Perform over-refractions for trials.
  • Specify wearing schedule and care for contacts.
  • Order ancillary tests and record the results with ease
  • Record surgical procedures performed in-house (such as lash epilations, punctal plugs, et cetera).
  • Specify your assessment and plan notes, select procedures, and sign exams from the Assessment tab.
  • Generate referral letters with exam information.
  • Diagnosis codes are automatically calculated based on your exam entries.
  • Use the Exam Coder for accurate billing.
  • Lock exams to prevent them from being modified.
  • Provide educational videos or material to patients (integrates with VueCare Media and Eyemaginations).
  • Enter unlimited exam addendums, even after exams are locked.
  • Add Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) codes.
  • Print, email, and fax exam summaries, referrals, reports, and other documents.
  • Create unlimited custom letters defined with merged-in exam information.
  • Print complete examination reports.
  • Review previously generated letters via the Interactions tab.

This Complete EHR is 2014 Edition compliant and has been certified by an ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services or guarantee the receipt of incentive payments.

The My Vision Express Version 2014 InfoGard Certification number is IG-2397-13-0031 for ambulatory practice settings and was certified on September 27, 2013. The certified Clinical Quality Measures are CMS68, CMS131, CMS132, CMS 133, CMS138, CMS142, CMS143, CMS146, CMS154, CMS155, CMS165, and CMS167. Additional SW Required: DrFirst® for Electronic Prescribing for 314(b)(3). See MyVisionExpress.com for Pricing Transparency. View the Public Test Report at http://www.infogard.com/healthcare_it/ehr_testing_and_certification/ehr_certified_products.