Inventory Management

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Inventory Management

Maintain accurate control of frames, contact lenses, spectacle lenses, lens treatments, services, and other items for one or many locations. You can lookup and transfer items across locations and easily keep track of your inventory in real-time.

The Inventory module has several built-in features to optimize your sales. Several validation rules and pricing tools for inventory items help you improve order accuracy and reduce remakes and a barcode scanning and labeling system facilitates inventory management and speeds up your point-of-sale (POS).

Inventory Features

  • Complete inventory control of frames, contact lenses, spectacle lenses, lens treatments, services, and other items.
  • Spectacle lens grid pricing automatically prices extra-power lenses.
  • Lens range and prism validations.
  • Frame lens range and lens style validations.
  • Maintain detailed inventory information including purchases, returns, breakage, suppliers, quantity on-hand, pricing, reorder points, et cetera;
  • Compatible with barcode wands, guns, and scanners.
  • Unique Universal Product Code (UPC) barcode numbers generated automatically for items with no UPC.
  • User stockkeeping unit (SKU) numbers can be defined for frames.
  • Automatically fills in item details (item name, retail price, et cetera) when adding an inventory item to an order;
  • Add inventory on the fly when creating an order.
  • Automatic inventory adjustment as an item is ordered or returned.
  • Instant easy lookup of inventory by UPC or other criteria across locations.
  • Print barcode labels (integrates with Arch Crown™ barcode tags and labels and Datamax-O’Neil® printers).
  • Perform physical counts with barcode scanners or manually.
  • Track inventory by location.
  • Central inventory management module for multi-location practices that use a warehouse for inventory distribution.