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Employee Messages

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Employee Messaging allows your team to exchange information, as well as assign tasks and keep track of their progress within My Vision Express.

Employee Messages

  • Broadcast message or send message to individual employees
  • Message automatically pops-up within a minute of being sent or immediately after user login
  • Efficient way to communicate between employees
  • Schedule and assign tasks
  • Link with patient, order, insurance or exam record
  • Track task status

Time Clock

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Labor management can be an arduous task when you have to deal with separate, disparate programs to keep track of time punches for your staff. My Vision Express features a built-in, flexible and easy to use employee time clock.

TimeClock Screen

  • Record arrival and departure times along with up to three daily breaks for each employee
  • Track worked hours for your staff
  • Time punches are clocked from your database server to avoid tampering
  • Have employees punch times securely with passwords to prevent unauthorized submissions
  • Use fingerprint recognition technology for added security
  • Use administrative access to post adjustments or otherwise manage the Time Clock
  • Keep track of employees time off from work
  • Facilitate payroll calculations through time sheet reports that can be filtered by date range and/or employee
  • Send employee and time clock data to QuickBooks for payroll

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Commissions feature automatically calculates commissions on products that you sell.

Commission Structure Screen

View Commissions at the Time of Order

Commission Features:

  • Specify commissions as a Set Amount, Gross
  • Percentage or Margin Percentage including spiffs
  • Setup commissions at inventory type, individual product and employee record level
  • Create commonly used commission criteria and then later associate them with an employee record, product type or specific products
  • Easily change commission rate for items linked to commission structure
  • Commission amounts can be viewed when ordersare created



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Assign different levels of access to employees according to their job descriptions. Keep track of changes to your data.


Security Groups and Features

Audit Report

Security features:

  • Authenticate employees through User ID and Password
  • Monitor access to patient records through interactions that include date, time and employee name, and are logged automatically by the system every time that a record is accessed
  • Have the system auto log out after an idle time interval that you specify
  • Assign employees to security groups based on their roles within your practice
  • Define unlimited security groups
  • Show or hide software features for any security group (e.g. hide reports for receptionists, hide claims for lab employees, show the refractive section of exams for opticians, etc.)
  • Rely on the robust, built-in security of the Microsoft SQL Server database engine
  • Lock exams, prescriptions and documents to prevent them from being modified or deleted
  • Audit reports to determine who has added, deleted or modified sensitive data; using what device; and on what date and time
  • Use the encryption/hash tool to encode confidential information and verify its integrity in e-mail messages
  • Integrate with Windows domain for single sign-on functionality