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Dr. Jason Savochka

"We purchased our practice in December 2012. When we took over, the office already had RevolutionEHR in place. We were quite pleased with this as the start up cost for an EHR system was one less expense that we had to incur. However, after several months of working with this EHR, we found that it did not meet our needs to our satisfaction and decided to change. We started researching other EHR companies and decided to go with My Vision Express and we could not be happier with our decision.

The design and layout of My Vision Express is what you expect and need in an EHR to smoothly operate your practice. As with all EHRs, there is a learning curve but the support from My Vision Express goes above and beyond to make the transition as easy and painless as possible. If you are considering going to EHR for the first time or you are unhappy with your current EHR, you must give My Vision Express serious consideration."

Dr. Jason Savochka
Pinnacle Eyecare
Frazer, PA

Dr. Steven Wigdor

"My Vision Express is on the way to be the best optometric software package on the market. When well written software is supported by a team of dedicated programmers and support staff, that not only listen but respond to users suggested enhancements, the only way is up. Its ease of use, vast capabilities, and ever expanding enhancements, put My Vision Express in a class all it's own. My Vision Express is not only one of the best optometric office programs available, its cost also makes it one the best values on the market today."

Dr. Steven Wigdor
Eyecare & Eyewear
Aventura, FL and Lighthouse Point, FL

Chris Gaudon

The perfect solution! Finally, after ten years of managing servers at each of our nine locations, we now have a wonderful practice management solution (My Vision Express) that provides us with an outstanding array of features. Best of all, it has multi-site capability. I can honestly say my staff has never been happier. My Vision Express has made their lives easier in every way. Better point-of-sale, appointment scheduling, inventory management, this program has it all. A cost effective, multi-site solution with great features and top notch support. What else could you ask for?

Chris Gaudon
First Choice Vision Center
Stephenville, NL, Canada

Justin Kodurand

I started using My Vision Express about three years ago and consider it to be one of the best investments that I have made. It meets both my requirements for back office and clinical needs so as to optimize the way I deliver my optometric service. Apart from the excellently priced running costs, the fantastic support, and continuous updates keep my mind at rest knowing that My Vision Express continues to deliver and evolve as a database.

Justin Kodurand, MSc
Independent Optometrist, St. James Hospital
Republic of Malta

Joseph DiGiorgio

We have used My Vision Express since 2008. The practice management software is powerful and flexible. Now I have seen the [electronic medical records] EMR component develop into a very nice product. It integrates beautifully with the practice management system and is a wonderful addition. A hardy bravo goes to the great support staff at MVE.

Joseph DiGiorgio, OD
Vision Source®
Orland Park, IL

Charles Lee

We have been using My Vision Express for several years now. We are very satisfied with what it has to offer, super easy to use. It meets all of our requirements and then some. The My Vision Express Support team is prompt, efficient, and friendly. It is a great investment to any office.

Charles Lee, RO
Optical Clearance Outlet
Hamilton, ON, Canada

Michael Lack

My optometry practice is 34 years old. Our office has been using My Vision Express since September 2010. We had a full day of on-site support training to get started. The transition to this new office management software went exceptionally well. The software is very user friendly. I especially appreciate the support that is offered with the ability to remotely access our office network. I would highly recommend MVE to any prospective buyer.

Michael Lack, OD
The Eyeglass Shoppe
Plattsburgh, NY

Tony Miller

What a fantastic program! I have an independent optical store and tried other [point-of-sale] POS programs and none come close to My Vision Express in ease of use and support. We have been using My Vision Express for over five years and the program has saved my staff countless hours in inventory management and eyeglass sales help.

Tony Miller, RDO
The Eyeglass Shoppe
Honolulu, HI

John Michelsen

This is a great program that offers a lot of features. It was easy to learn and navigate through the different options. I love the features and the interface. I’ve been using My Vision Express for one year and it’s proven to be one of my best purchases yet. The support staff is also exceptional and make this great software even better.

John Michelsen, OD
AccuVision Optometry
Livermore, CA

Leanne Perry

If five is the best, I give this program a five! We have been using My Vision Express for over four years now and this program is by far the best. It saves me a lot of time with my customers and it very easy for the employees to use. Of the few times we've had to call tech support, we get to speak to a person that knows the system! I have been recommending this system ever since we’ve purchased it.

Leanne Perry, ABOC
Pearle Vision
Norfolk, VA