Pearle Vision

Norfolk, VA

If 5 is the best, I give this program a 5! We have been using MVE for over 4 years now and this program is by far the best. It saves me a lot of time with my customers and it very easy for the employees to use. Of the few times we’ve had to call tech support, we get to speak to a person that knows the system! I have been recommending this system ever since we’ve purchased it.

Leanne Perry, ABOC


Livermore, CA

This is a great program that offers a lot of features. It was easy to learn and navigate through the different options. I love the features and the interface. I’ve been using MVE for 1 year and it’s proven to be one of my best purchases yet. The support staff is also exceptional and make this great software even better..

John Michelsen, OD

The Eyeglass Shoppe

Honolulu, HI

What a fantastic program! I have an independent optical store and tried other POS programs and none come close to MVE in ease of use and support. We have been using MVE for over 5 years & the program has saved my staff countless hours in inventory management and eyeglass sales help.

Tony Miller RDO

North Country Optical

Plattsburgh, NY

My optometry practice is 34 years old. Our office has been using MVE since September 2010. We had a full day of on site support training to get started. The transition to this new office management software went exceptionally well. The software is very user friendly. I especially appreciate the support that is offered with the ability to remotely access our office network. I would highly recommend MVE to any perspective buyer.

Michael Lack, OD

Nierman Vision Centers

Buffalo Grove, IL

Our practice has been using My Vision Express for about four years now. I have been very pleased with the ease in which we incorporated MVE into our two practices.
The support team is terrific! Last year we added EMR and we love it! It has made record keeping and reports thorough and easy. Great Product!.

Larry Nierman, OD

Optical Clearance Outlet

Hamilton, Ontario

We have been using MVE for several years now. We are very satisfied with what it has to offer, super easy to use. It meets all of our requirements and then some. The MVE support team is prompt, efficient and friendly.It is a great investment to any office.

Charles Lee, RO


Midlothian, VA

We have been using My Vision Express for several years and from inception the support from their customer service is prompt and efficient. It has certainly helped us in providing a user friendly platform in our day to day office operations. A very worthy investment and definite recommendation to anyone wanting to create a more streamlined and efficient office!


Peyam Mojallal OD and Associates

Ashburn, FL

My office has been using MVE for several years now and we are very happy with it. The customer service is very friendly and prompt. We
use it schedule patients and maintain our account receivables, it has made our office run more smoothly and efficiently. I recommend it for every optical practice.

Dr. Peyam Mojallal, OD

Margate Opticians

Margate, FL

We are very pleased with the My Vision Express program and their awesome customer support staff !! It is easy to use and we highly recommend it to any optical practice.

David Torres

Pearle Vision

Houston, TX

I have been using MVE for the past 6 years. The service, support and quality product are only a few choice words that can be said about this software. The user friendliness of the POS portion is amazing when training new staff. The EHR portion in keeping my office paperless is fantastic. And the business aspects, from reporting to tie-ins with third party companies, is superb. Absolutely the best investment at keeping the office running smooth.

Dr. Nadia Sledge, OD

Beyond Eye Care

Astascocita, TX

Awesome, Amazing,and All of the above. I have been with MVE for 2 yrs now and they have the best staff to help you in time of need. I actually know some by name like Athea. She is always pleasant and willing to help. If you are thinking of using EMR, this is the way to GO… It is easy to use. MVE is always working on ways to improve there software and services and it shows.

Dr. K. Hodge, OD

Dr. Allyn Jacobson

Miami, FL

We have been clients for 4 years. We are extremely pleased with the software. It is very user friendly and the technical support is prompt and professional. My staff absolutely loves it. I highly recommend this
optometric software for any practice.

Allyn Jacobson, OD

Dr. Janet M Helms

Paramus, NJ

We have been using My Vision Express since May 2009. When I first looked at the demo I was amazed that you could do many things to improve the quality of time management of our office. The support team is very knowledgeable and can answer many of my questions with one telephone call. Being able to use the frame inventory for reorder is very helpful.

Diane Noto, Office Manager

Golden Goose Enterprises

Littleton, CO

We have used My Vision Express for the last 5 years. We have enjoyed using MVE for our daily accounting and scheduling needs, and the staff finds it very easy to use. Both the Service and Customer Service departments are very helpful when assistance is needed. I would highly recommend MVE to anyone considering changing their office software. It was one of the best decisions we have ever made for our practice.

Thomas Gosling, OD

Vision Source

Orland Park, IL

We have used MVE since 2008. The practice management software is powerful and flexible. Now I have seen the EMR component develop into a very nice product. It integrates beautifully with the practice management system and is a wonderful addition. A hardy bravo goes to the great support staff at MVE.

Joseph DiGiorgio, OD

Galileo Optical

North Vancouver, Canada

What a great company… I took my time finding the right system (took me over 2 years), i finally decided to go with My Vision Express. They are attentive, professional and extremely helpful. They worked hand in hand with my IT team during the installation process. Worked with me and my staff for all our training and followed up with me on a regular basis in order to achieve optimum results.
I recommend MVE to anybody looking for an EMR / Office practice software. Thank you for all your help and a great system

Saeid Rezazadeh

International Opticians

Miami, FL

Going into our 4th year and patient/product control has never been better. MVE could not be more reliable, no down time ever spent waiting for a fix from tech! Being able to use Frames Data with the system is a huge plus, and with automatic backup to an outside data storage company, peace of mind at the end of each work day. As an optician run practice, looking forward to getting all my doctors on board and use the system to its fullest potential.

Ronald Pelletier, VP

Look Optometry

Manhattan Beach, CA

I have used My Vision Express for 6 years and it does all the things I need. Employee time sheets,sales reports, as well as inventory control and more. I recommend it.

Lester Silverman, OD

Corinthian Pointe Texas State Optical

Pearland, TX

MVE is a robust piece of software that has met both my administrative and clinical needs. The software team designs things into the program that make common sense and are user friendly for both doctor and staff.

The support team is highly skilled and knowledgeable. They seem like old friends that are easily available when I call with questions.

Purchasing MVE was one of my best business decisions since opening my practice in 2010.”

Maxwell Olumba, OD

Upper Montclair Eye Care & Wear

Montclair, NJ

Very easy to set up and start using. Customer service/support has been exceptional. Every time we have tried to reach someone on the phone we have gotten someone on and they have resolved our issues. Customizer is a must, since every doc has their own way of maintaining their chart appeal. We started by using the appointment book immediately and then within 2 months we were live. We have not integrated any equipment yet, that will be the next step. It is very feature rich and what I liked the most about the program was how you were able to enter multiple cc and how they populated into sentence form. Employee time clock works well and is easy to use.

Saras Rustagi OD

Citi Vision Care

Sugar Land, TX

I have been enjoying My Vision Express Software since July of 2011 and I have been very satisfied. It is very complete and easy to use. It very much serves my purpose. My office had a very wonderful training experience and the technical support has been great, MVE has a very great team to work with. I very much recommend MVE Software to others

Kate Opara OD

All About Eyes of Sayville

Sayville, NY

My Vision Express is a pleasure to use. Entering patient history is fast and easy. It saves time when doing recalls. When the office is busy MVE helps to retrieve information quickly. MVE customer service is always available to answer any questions we might have.

Robert J. Grasso OD

The Eye Doctors

Havertown, PA

We have used MVE since 2009 and have been very happy with it’s being so user friendly and efficient in processing everything from insurance billing, inventory control and lab ordering.
We’re now using the online appointment feature which is further streamlining life in the office. Adding to all this convenience is great support on their end whenever we’ve needed them, which hasn’t been much. We’re looking forward to further upgrades and innovations.

Barry Toyzer, OD

Karns Vision Center

Knoxville, TN

We have been using My Vision Express since opening our office in 2008.
We have always strived to be a step ahead in innovations and customer service both with our practice management and in the equipment we use in the examinations. We consider My Vision Express to be an essential part of our explosive growth over our first 4 years. We love the integrated programs such as DemandForce which puts us on the cutting edge with social media.
On the occasions we have had to call our technical support team, we have always found them to be most helpful…even through some late nights! Thank you My Vision Express!!!

Shane Presson, OD


Santa Monica, CA

I have been using My Vision Express since 2009. The program has great features, especially the bar coding system for inventory as well as for data input. Support has always been with the logmein feature. Now adding Xcharge will be the next step to stream line our receivables.

Les Miller, OD

Sunburst Optical

Tucson, AZ

We have been using My Vision Express for a little over a year now. It is user friendly and for the most part self-explanatory, but if you do need help, the support staff does a great job. I appreciate the fact that the continually upgrade the program making it more adaptable to the needs of the practice and the upgrades are included in the original cost. I definitely would recommend this software.

James G. Liston, OD

Overholser EyeCare Center

Ocala, FL

I have used MVE for over 4 years, and am very satisfied with the program. First, the program is extremely stable, resulting in minimal downtime. Second, the program is regularly revised to add new features and fix any bugs. I think this is the best software solution for my practice and wholeheartedly recommend it to others.

Ray Overholser, OD

MY Eye Care

Dearborn, MI

This software has allowed me to increase my business in a very organized, and easy manner. I really like ease of use and ability for staff to learn.

Michael Younes, OD

Budget Opticals of America, Inc

Baytown, TX

Ever since we started using My Vision Express software, our store’s efficiency has gone up multi-fold. The inventory control, prescription, calendar, customer billing, and lab copy are some of the extremely user friendly features that can be learned even by a new comer in a snap. The technical support has been terrific and their staff has shown a lot of patience with us in solving software related issues. We are extremely happy with My Vision Express.

Minal Shah

Doctors May, Hettler and Associates

Alexandria, VA

We now have the best inventory control ever. We are entering patient contact lens Rx by the bar code of the box and automatically ordering from our distributor or the manufacturer directly. Accuracy and speed have saved us time and errors. This program thinks like an eyecare practice by integrating everything from pretest to insurance billing.

David H. Hettler, OD

Inspired Eyes Creative Eyewear

West Kelowna, BC, Canada

Thank you for the free trial of My Vision Express. Your system, training and excellent support were super helpful in getting my new business off to a successful start. I really appreciate how your support staff are so friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful, especially Jorge. They patiently guided me through the many features of the program to make sure I got the most out of it. From patient management and order entry to inventory and accounting reports, this system is the perfect framework to build my business on. Now that I am ready to purchase, I feel confident that My Vision Express is the best choice for my business. Thank you for all your help and for creating such a comprehensive program.

Lana Belvis

SEARS Optical

Bridgeport, WV

I integrated My Vision Express into my Sears based practice within 1 month of starting my practice. The cost was very competitive. It was the best time management decision I made all year. It is easy to use and the support staff delivered on every promise. Big thumbs up!

Timothy R. Landis, O.D.

Halpern Eye Care

Dover, DE

“THE COMPLETE PACKAGE! MVE has proven itself time and time again. I operate an 8 location optometric practice and a 2 location MD practice using My Vision Express. We have been through two EMRs in the past 10 years and I can say that I am done looking. The customer service is something that I wish I could clone for my offices! The system itself is unique, efficient, and gives us the ability to set ourselves apart from our competitors. This PMS and EMR is the only software I have come across that works for YOU, instead of having to shift your operations around to meet the needs of the software. Feel free to contact me as a reference for the software.”

Ryan Halpern, O.D.

Vision Source

Orland Park, Illinois

“Our busy optometric office was a long time user of an established vendor of practice management software. When the software company was acquired by another vendor we decided to do a trial of their new product in our office, but we were neither impressed with its functionality nor with the responsiveness of their support staff. This led us to explore other options in the eye care management software market place. We extensively previewed several of these systems and our search eventually brought us to the product by the people at My Vision Express.”

Our implementation approach:
We started simple, by loading our pre-existing accounts receivable and prior patient demographics, and then created a new electronic appointment book called the calendar. We continued to integrate more and more features available in My Vision Express (MVE). We now make extensive use of many of the available features and functions included with MVE.

  • We now create all RGP and soft CL Rx’s, Spec Rx’s and medical Rx’s in the MVE Rx pad, then “fill” or create orders for eyewear and contact lenses, or prescription medications. This has reduced the paperwork clutter we used to keep in patient charts and eliminates the need for staff to retrieve and manually re-file patient charts. I am thrilled with the way David, a support staff member at MVE, helped to make some enhancements to the Rx pad feature to allow easy view of the prior Rx history, with very nice copy, fill, print, save and close functionality with just the click of an on-screen button.
  • We use the Calendar function extensively. My front office staff is very pleased with the functionality and they find that it works very well for pre-appointing and integrating with an appointment letter that we created, originally with help from Jorge at MVE.
  • We currently use electronic billing online that integrates nicely with MVE. We are very pleased with how we can create the CMS1500 form from within our software and get the electronic copy which populates data from our software into our online vendor website. We no longer need paper copies of the CMS1500 form. More paper clutter eliminated!
  • The MVE clipboard feature is a wonderful enhancement that their development team added. We use this feature extensively to paste frequently used user defined text into blank note fields, and yet the user can add additional details on the fly when needed.
  • MVE allows the user to extensively define “categories”, and adjust their order of appearance (sort order). The user can utilize the standard list, or become very creative if desired.
  • The development team at MVE is very responsive to user input. We were interested in changing our monthly billing statement based on input from our front office staff. Carlos from MVE worked very closely with us to create a wonderful new layout which now allows patients to remit charge card information for payment if desired, and also to incentivize more prompt payment.
  • Carlos also worked closely, with user input, to create a very nice new exam summary report.
  • The eyewear point of sale with MVE has been very nicely received by my optician staff due to its ease and simplicity. We enter all frames in our database, and have bar coded them for easy point of sale transactions, as well as quicker periodic physical counts for inventory valuation.
  • We have fee schedules for participating medical insurances and vision plans. This allows the appropriate fee to populate for any service or material. For plans such as VSP, MVE is very adept at handling lab chargebacks. This also allows our accounts receivable report to accurately reflect the true A/R amount, so we do not have to go back after receiving EOBs to make numerous tedious adjustments after the fact.
  • We have made extensive use of the optional “Customizer” for tweaking screens, reports, and orders for RGPs, Soft Lenses, and Spectacle Rx’s.

MVE is integrating with many diagnostic instruments such as pretest equipment, and exam room instruments like electronic phoroptors and digital acuity charts, which is becoming more important to users as equipment integration needs continue to grow. This allows the user to populate key information directly into the appropriate MVE data field.

This is an area that makes or breaks a relationship with a software company you choose to partner with, as witnessed by the great discontent among the users of many software products. MVE continues to perform a wonderful job in this area. Their staff is skilled, knowledgeable, and helpful. We have found MVE to be very stable and it operates on the robust SQL database platform. There is, of course, the possibility for the occasionally need for help with any software product. When we have the need to call for tech support, there is always a prompt response. Because we have made many user desired tweaks to letters, reports and forms, we have consulted with the MVE staff. Front line responders, such as Althea, Raymond and others have always been courteous and helpful with any technical needs and much to their credit they always follow through on any issue. For advance technical needs I have occasionally consulted with staff such as David, Carlos, and Brian.

Looking to the future:
The development team at MVE has astutely consulted with a group of advanced users, to refine and further develop their product. I have had a chance to preview some of the refinements and new functionality coming with version 10.0. Much to the credit of the developer, they are actively taking feedback from optometrists, on what doctors need and desire in the EMR component as well as continuous improvements to functionality and integration with the office management component.

MVE provides an avenue for the new user to start with one workstation, or to grow into a multi-station and even multi-location network. Whether you choose to start small or prefer to use the system extensively, this system gives you many strong options.”

Joseph DiGiorgio, O.D.

Justin Kodurand


I started using My Vision Express about 3 years ago and consider it to be one of the best investments that I have made. It meets both my requirements for back office and clinical needs so as to optimize the way I deliver my Optometric service. Apart from the excellently priced running costs, the fantastic support and continuous updates keep my mind at rest knowing that My Vision Express continues to deliver and evolve as a database.

Justin Kodurand

Sarrell Dental and Vision

Anniston, AL

I am absolutely impressed by the kind of tech support that I received from David Vega. He is courteous and friendly and always eager to help. Each time that I’ve called for technical support, he quickly helped me solve the problem by staying on the phone with me until the problem was fixed. The support and help from this company is outstanding!

Catherine Chappell

Shelley Eye Center

Las Cruces, NM

I tried every major optometric PM/EHR vendor on the market and found My Vision Express to be the most user friendly package available. The support staff is rapid to address concerns and difficulties, always polite and thorough, and very quick to integrate suggestions to upgrades. I would recommend this EMR package to any colleague without hesitation.

Dr. Brent Shelley

First Choice Vision Center

Stephenville, NL

The Perfect Solution!! Finally, after 10 years of managing servers at each of our 9 locations, we now have a wonderful Practice Management solution (My Vision Express) that provides us with an outstanding array of features. Best of all, it has multi-site capability. I can honestly say my staff has never been happier. My Vision Express has made their lives easier in every way. Better point of sale, appointment scheduling, inventory management, this program has it all. A cost effective, multi-site solution with great features and top notch support… What else could you ask for?

Chris Gaudon

Arlington Optical

Columbus, OH

After an exhaustive search for a comprehensive software package, we selected My Vision Express as the product with the depth we needed for a multi-location optical retailer. Where our previous software package had virtually non-responsive support, we have found the gold at the end of the rainbow with MVE. The MVE team is responsive to ALL of our needs and most importantly, active in soliciting our input to make the product even better.

Mary Perkins

Through The Hayes Optometry

San Francisco, CA

Change is always difficult and when we started MVE, we had our share of problems. MVE’s support staff, and David Vega in particular, have been patient and helpful through it all. If it is user error, they help walk us through it. If it is software gliches, they respond with an update. The things we enjoy compared to our previous software system are: VSP integration, clear accounting and insurance write-offs, interfacing with pretesting equipment. We look forward to continuing our relationship with MVE. The software works great but more importantly, the support and willingness to listen to customer needs is what sets them apart.

Angela Tam

Myra Hassaram Nichani

i2i Opticians – Toronto, ON

I want to thank My Vision Express Technical Support Staff Brian Samuelson for all his patience and time in helping me out with my files when I needed it most. Brian was incredible in saving my patients files and transferring everything into a new system that I am now using. It feels so great to know that the support staffs are so dedicated with their jobs and are always there to help you. I highly recommend this optical program to anyone who needs one. More power to all of you at MVE.

Myra Hassaram Nichani

William E. Sleight, O.D.

Waterboro, ME

We have actually had this program for a relatively short time, and are still working out the bugs, so support has been extremely helpful in getting us up to speed in a timely fashion. Brian has been the person who has answered our problems time and time again, and he never seems to be upset about relatively simple problems and questions, is always willing to assist in whatever needs to be done, and is extremely pleasant and easy to work with. It is frustrating enough when you are so new to a program that you are just hunting around to try and find the solutions to your own questions without having to call support all the time, but when you actually do and get a person like Brian, it is an extremely pleasant experience, to say the least. He goes WAY above and beyond to help out and offers suggestions on what to do next, etc. He is knowledgeable, personable, very pleasant and easy going. It just makes the whole experience positive and definitely not stressful. Thank you very much, Brian! Keep up the excellent work.

William E. Sleight, O.D.

Craig Chasnov

Eyetopian Optical, FL

Customer Service does exist for software! I have been a client of My Vision Express for over 2 years and overall the service has been very good. Today it was excellent; they have an on-line forum for users and I sent in a bug that occurred with the new software update. I received a phone call from Hanshi and he went in my system via the internet and saw what I was explaining; this did not happen on his system. After a few hours in my database, he solved a problem we had been living with for over 6 months. We also reviewed a few other items that could be modified for my stores and the good of all users in the future. I just wanted to send a positive message on service; it is very rare to have expectations exceeded and today it occurred with Hanshi at My Vision Express. The software is very complete and we run 3 locations off a server with great speed. The system is very stable and we have never had to use our daily backup; but we do it anyway.

Craig Chasnov

Dr. Steven Wigdor

Aventura and Lighthouse Point, FL

My Vision Express is on the way to be the best Optometric software package on the market. When well written software is supported by a team of dedicated programmers and support staff, that not only listen but respond to users suggested enhancements, the only way is up. Its ease of use, vast capabilities, and ever expanding enhancements, put My Vision Express in a class all it’s own. My Vision Express is not only one of the best Optometric office programs available, its cost also makes it one the best values on the market today.

Dr. Steven Wigdor

Pflaumer and Gehm

New Carlisle, OH

My Vision Express has been a great fit for our optometric office. The support team has always been helpful and polite on the phone, plus they are open to new suggestions that can be included in the updates. We are especially pleased with the ease of billing insurance claims with this program and how quickly one can retrieve old claims when comparing the information with EOBs. In the near future we hope to utilize the program even more by using the system in a paperless manner.

Dr. Noelle Gehm

Gordon Eye Associates

Lexington, MA

Just a quick note telling you how great your software (and customer service) is. We were using previous software since 1996 in a very busy optical store. I didn’t know how we could switch over to the new software easily. You all made it effortless. Thank You!

Noah Schriber

Vision Center of Farmington Valley

Weatogue, CT

I’ve been utilizing My Vision Express Practice Management software for two years now and it has been very helpful. Being an Optician, I lease office space to Doctors of Optometry and it has been great for electronic billing and giving our patients a professional statement that shows them the value of the services and products that they have received while simultaneously marketing our business. Reports are outstanding and scalability of the software would give you no reason to need anything else. Customer support has been outstanding, a quality that is difficult to find in today’s market.

Joseph Sylvestre, Optician

Palo Alto Optical

Freemont, CA

One of the best software programs I’ve ever used if not the best. Not only is it inexpensive but the support we receive is exemplary. I recommend this software to everyone interested in the field.

Theresa Bush

Henley Vision Center

Noblesville, IN

The support staff is friendly and very responsive to our questions, and it is the best service we have received so far from a software vendor. The willingness to apply new features to this product to make it more adaptable to our practice is something we appreciate very much. My Vision Express is an affordable product with free upgrades, and the staff at is always looking for ways to improve the product.

Debbie White, Office Manager

Miami Lakes Eye Care Center

Miami, FL

My Vision Express Optical software is the rare computer software package that delivers what it promises. The software is cleverly designed, completely functional and flexible. But the most impressive aspect of the software is the support. Not only can you instantly get questions answered, but suggested improvements can often be incorporated in subsequent updates to the program. The software is updated several times each year and these updates are included in the support agreement. Yearly support, like the program itself, is priced fairly. It is also impressive that, unlike other programs, the program will not stop working if you do not purchase support. Bottom line: great program, better support and a fair price. Microsoft could certainly learn a thing or two from the My Vision Express team!

William Zambrano M.D.

Howard J Kass O.D.

Syracuse, NY

I think the software team behind My Vision Express is the most attentive group of people I have ever dealt with. They respond to the issues promptly and encourage suggestions from their users to improve the quality of the product. They are a pleasure to work with. Considering the other alternatives on the market, this software is certainly a value of choice. I like the fact that they want to make this the best software for our profession and strive to make it better and better each day.

Howard J Kass O.D.

Dr. Rick Myers

Miami, FL

I have never had software that was this easy to use and so people friendly, there are no complications, minor if any glitches and the updates are always found easily on the website. The support that I get from My Vision Express is probably the best and the technicians will go above and beyond to find a solution to my problems. I wouldn’t have asked for a better software!

Dr. Rick Myers O.D

Fluder Vision Care

Hobart, IN

Before I relocated my practice I wasn’t even computerized! My Vision Express made a seemingly overwhelming task quite manageable by being easy to install and quick to set up. It was also very reasonably priced for all of the features being offered. After looking at several vendors of optometric management software, My Vision Express seemed to present the information in an easy to read format. Another real bonus is that the demo software was actually a fully-functional copy of the software and not a trimmed down version. Additionally, the detailed instructions for setup were very clear and easy to understand. It was also nice to see the cost of the software presented up-front on the web site, avoiding the need of tiresome price negotiating. The features we enjoy the most are the ease of linking patient information to the CMS insurance form screen and most recently, the ability to view patient insurance information on the scheduling screen. Because my staff and I have very limited computer skills, we depended heavily on the My Vision Express technical support team. The knowledge and patience they have shown has made the transition from paper to electronic record keeping a very manageable task. With all the stresses of a growing practice, the My Vision Express software and support team easily provides me with the tools I need in today’s competitive market.

Barbara J. Fluder, O.D.

Provision Eyecare Centers

Pembroke Pines, FL

My Vision Express has been a great addition to our office. It can handle appointment scheduling to inventory and submitting claims electronically. Our daily office tasks are made simpler by MVE’s simplicity. To make an appointment it takes 3 mouse clicks! What can be greater than that! Their VSP integration is the best on the market. It calculates how much the patient and insurance owes and I no longer have to double input. This software allows me to change any feature by the click of a mouse. Running the practice has been made 100% easier due to this great software. Not to mention their customer service is the best I’ve seen. I am truly pleased with the software and all its great features. Hands down the best software in the market!


Miller Eye Center

Rockford, IL

We have no problems with it, it works fantastic. Its very easy to use and the manual explains it very well.

Jessica Grove

Eye Boutique & Doctor’s Eye Clinic, Inc.

Chicago, IL

ROI’s client – The Eye Boutique & Doctor’s Eye Clinic, Inc. – used to have one of Optimeyes MBA’s largest databases (if not the largest). After researching many products, we (the client and ROI) chose to establish a relationship with My Vision Express. I cannot express enough the hard work that went into making this a success for this client. Vipul and Marlene did a stellar job including working with a major project plan, providing onsite support and training, and developing upgrades on-the-fly to make the system operational.

David Reynolds ROI

Prime Sight

Edinburg, TX

I regret not having purchased My Vision Express software sooner. I could have avoided so many headaches/frustration, wasted time and money. The previous software package I purchased was full of promises; but did not deliver. After much research, I chose My Vision Express because they have integrity, and phenomenal customer service. To begin with, the transition from my previous practice management software to My Vision Express was flawless. The technical support is excellent, very courteous, and well worth the price. This is a very powerful software package. It outperforms practice management softwares out there AND at a very reasonable cost. My Vision Express is by far the best investment I have ever made for my practice. I recommend it highly.

Guadalupe A. Flores, O.D.

Jay A. Keesling, O.D., P.A.

Ormond Beach, FL

I would highly recommend My Vision Express. You will be very thankful if you also purchase the support package. As we all know, with computers, things just happen. When we had a critical issue arise after an upgrade, the technical team handled it quickly and efficiently. Instead of losing all our data, they were able to formulate a plan to rescue the data. The costs that would have been incurred with having to re-enter everything would have been far more than the cost of the support package. Don’t cut corners on this service. It is well worth it.

Shirley Keesling

Eyes Way

Roswel, GA

After trying and working on many different Optical Software’s, I have discovered that My Vision Express is the BEST software on the market. No other software out on the market can provide so many useful features for the right price. My Vision express includes the combination of all the necessary tools and support for any Optical, or Doctor’s Office. Not only My Vision Express provides the help in my practice, but it also provides the astonishing customer support that any client would want. I have been in the optometric business for over 10 years and My Vision Express support team has given me the BEST customer service out of all the companies I have ever worked with. It has been the greatest investment I have made in the past 10 years. I am very glad that I have purchased My Vision Express, my office work is so much easier now, no hassle at all, and my software does all the work for me. Keep up the good work guys.

Tom Biber

Modern Eyes Optical, Inc.

Rochester, MI

We opened our new optical practice in 2004. After much research, we decided on purchasing My Vision Express based on the capability of the software and its reasonable cost in relation to comparable programs. The decision to purchase My Vision Express has turned out to be one of our best business decisions and we would like to thank you. The software is extremely user friendly and does everything we need as a full service optical. Furthermore, your customer service is exceptional. We highly recommend My Vision Express for a start-up optical or for an existing practice looking to improve their methodology for maintaining inventory, point-of-sale, patient data, etc.

John J Perillo

Fairlawn Optical/Spectacle Eyewear


Almost a year ago, we went digital and we upgraded our old filing cabinet to a fully computerized system. Our research into which software was perfect for our needs led us to My Vision Express. The switch to the new set-up was quite simple due to the intuitive user-interface of the software. Employees were able to learn and implement the new system within a couple of days. Our staff can quickly meet the demands of customers by creating quotes, swiftly checking stock for frame availability, and easily creating orders that we can fax/email to our lab. Customer’s specifics and deposits are all recorded so there isn’t any confusion when an order is picked up. Communication between employees has also improved. An employee, upon opening a customer file, can easily find out all the needed information. One is notified as to whether a job is at the lab, which lab the job was sent to, the date the job was promised to the customer.
Since the upgrade, we have opened a new location where we have started to fit contact lenses and book appointments with our in-house ophthalmologist.

My Vision Express has helped us in all these areas. It also has greatly increased our ability to track lab and supplier expenses. Overall, My Vision Express makes our stores run smoothly and more professionally.”

Pier Shu-Lutman

Tassini Eye Associates

Haddonfield, NJ

We have been using My Vision Express in our optical shop for 9 months. It is a powerful, feature rich application. It gives us flexibility in order entry and reporting, and makes inventory management easy. When we have had questions, My Vision Express has responded quickly with answers, and they have solicited ideas for enhancement and implemented those ideas. I would recommend it without hesitation.

Peter Bratton

Paula’s Eyewear

Alcoa, TN

I really like My Vision Express because it is very user-friendly. I had never used a program like this, although I had used other indexing programs. It’s really pretty self explanatory but you can always consult the manual/help provided. Tech support is very helpful and done in a way that can easily be understood. Its best features are its user-friendliness and respectful tech support.

Gail Slater

Merrimack Eye Clinic

Lexington, MA

The ease of one screen entry to complete a sale is just great. Saves time moving from one screen to another screen just to complete the sale. Time saved is money saved. I have not seen any product out there with the ability to bundle or unbundled the receipt as needed, again a great tool in the retail process. The messaging system within the software is an added bonus.

Madeleine Capino

Haik Humble Eye Center

West Monroe, LA

We use MVE for our optical shop only. I love support. Brian is always on hand to help us with any problem we have. Our opticians love the added features they get each time we do an upgrade. Some EMR software companies are only focusing on EMR enhancements. My Vision Express seems to understand that clients have successful optical businesses as well. I truly feel like support listens to suggestions and does everything possible to enhance an already great product! Thanks for everything!

Holly Hallman

OPTYX by Gruen

New York, NY

After much research I selected My Vision Express as my Company “record keeper”. The program is very intuitive and has many capabilities, from customer files, optometric examinations, insurance billing, multi office communication, inventory control and bookkeeping. The staff is on the ball and eager to answer questions, they seem to always be available. Finally a great program for our industry.

Jon Gruen

Vision Plus

Bellingham, WA

The best thing about My Vision Express is that you have the power to customize it. It is a fluid program, and the staff is always working to make it better. Have a problem? The MVE staff will fix it and teach you how to do it yourself next time.

Mandy Robinson

Tri State Vision

Cincinnati, OH

We have used the software in a multi unit setting for three years. We switched from a system that was not user friendly at all. We made the switch and even the old non computer guys adapted very easily. The system is very intuitive. The support has always been available when needed and do not hesitate to dial in and see what is going on. I would recommend to any body looking for a new system.

Jeff Sears

Marquette Vision Center

Mokena, IL

My Vision Express feels like a family. I have watched them grow over the years into the vision that they have had for the future and the goals that they have set for themselves. Their honesty, integrity, and hard work set them apart from other businesses, and when your having difficultly doing something with the software and you call for help ‘The ANGELS in the sky’ as i call them are prompt and knowledgeable.

Gary Stephens

Trillium Eye Care

Ontario Canada

After working with most EMR systems in both the US and Canada, MVE has definitely proven over and over to offer a comprehensive solution for my practice. The software is very user friendly, and best of all, the support team is very responsive and will always take care of your needs. This system has completely adapted, creating elements specific to our practice and Canadian requirementsefficiently. I don’t know any other company that will continuously improve their software and genuinely care about your practice’s needs. I would definitely recommend this software to all my colleges! Way to go MVE

Dr. Alexandra Vorobeva


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