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Time Clock

Labor management and payroll can be demanding tasks when your practice has to deal with separate, disparate programs to keep track of time punches for your staff. My Vision Express features a built-in, flexible, and easy-to-use employee time clock.

Your practice can lower costs and reduce the amount of administrative time lost with our Time Clock feature.


  • Record arrival and departure times as well as up to three daily breaks for each employee.
  • Track hours worked for your staff.
  • Time punches are clocked from the database server to avoid tampering.
  • Time entry is password-secured to prevent unauthorized submissions.
  • Fingerprint recognition technology adds another layer of security.
  • Administrative access manages adjustments.
  • Keep track of employees' time off from work.
  • Facilitate payroll calculations through time sheet reports that can be filtered by date range and/or employee.
  • QuickBooks® integration means you can directly submit employee and time clock data for streamlined payroll processing.