Education is key to be able to use the system to meet your needs. Our trainers will show you how to use My Vision Express to perform your daily operations. We can come to your office location for on-site training or we can connect for online training sessions. Training is the best investment to help you realize maximum productivity.

We offer a variety of resources, so you can choose the means of training to match your learning style:

  • On-Site Training – A member of our Training Team will come to your office to analyze your everyday workflows and show you how to perform them in My Vision Express
  • Remote Training – One of our trainers will show you how to use My Vision Express over the internet
  • User Manual – Can be accessed from clicking on Start | All Programs | My Vision Express | Manual menu option
  • Help File – Embedded Context-Sensitive Help file can be accessed from My Vision Express by clicking on Help menu option or by simply clicking the F1 key on your keyboard
  • Video Tutorials – Watch videos in MVE Support Central to learn how to perform certain function in My Vision Express
  • Knowledgebase – An online database in MVE Support Central filled with How-to Guides, Installation Instructions, and Tips & Tricks that show you step-by-step how to perform many functions
  • Meaningful Use Resource Center – An online section of MVE Support Central dedicated to helping you meet the Meaningful Use requirements with My Vision Express

Want to schedule a training session to learn more about My Vision Express? Call us at 877-882-7456.